Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moving Day Aches and Pains... Tommie Copper to the Rescue!

Wednesday was moving day for The Captain and me.

We got up about 6:30 a.m. and enjoyed our coffee and morning papers but by 7:30 a.m. we were hard at it again... finishing packing up what we could fit into the car for this first trip and making sure not to leave anything in the fridge!

We drove into the City and arrived at the house where we are to spend the next several months, just after 10 o'clock.  Boy Kitty met us at the front door and seemed genuinely pleased to see us, then headed outside!  I went to the guest bedroom to find Girl Kitty in her normal spot on the bed, and cooed and petted her for a minute, and she seemed happy to know we were in residence, and promptly went back to sleep.

Okay then, preliminaries taken care of, we went to work.  I cleaned the kitchen including all the appliances, and then everything in the main bathroom while The Captain vacuumed and got things ready for the cable guy... then started bringing in bags and boxes for me to unpack.  I put the contents where I wanted them in the pantry and fridge. We also stripped and laundered the bedding and remade it.  Then he helped me with our own laundry.

Little disclaimer here: This is not whining or complaining. Just stating facts.  These people we are house-sitting for were really busy getting organized to drive to Mexico for 6 months, and so we told them to just leave things and go, so we were fully aware there would be lots of work to do here on moving day.

All in all it was an extremely busy day and we are mostly set up - haven't put our clothes away yet, but that will happen today... and this morning we are off to Costco to pick up some groceries.  I have a freezer now, hurray!  And yes, we forgot some things we need back on the boat, but we will be going to check on her frequently so that is not a problem.

I wore a pedometer all day and after I got to 10,000 steps in the early afternoon, I took it off!  I didn't get out for a formal 'walk' yesterday, but I am going to call those 10,000 + steps my workout for the day!  All the bending and lifting was bonus.

By the time we rolled into bed after 11 p.m. I was exhausted.  It felt so great to be in clean crispy sheets in that king-size bed, in clean jammies, and so sleepy tired!  But I could feel a cramp starting in the back of my right leg, just below my knee.  I could not get comfortable lying down.  I tossed and turned and tried every position for that leg I could think of it and it just got worse.

Finally The Captain got up and went into the bathroom and brought me back my can of Tiger Balm.  That always does the job for me.  But not tonight.  All it did was rub off on my jammies and didn't do a thing for the leg discomfort. I was so annoyed.  How could I be so tired but not able to sleep because I was so uncomfortable?

Then I remembered that my Tommie Copper calf sleeve was packed in my running gear.  Hurray!  The Captain got up again, rummaged through my running clothes till he found it and brought it to me.  I sat up and pulled it on, snuggly right up under the back of my knee... and laid back down.  No cramp, no discomfort.  I laid and waited... and fell asleep.  And I slept right through till morning, quite soundly!

According to Tommie Copper, the calf sleeve can be worn to:

  • Reduce muscle inflammation in the calf

  • Relieve calf pain and shin pain

  • Stimulate circulation


    I am going to wear it all day today. 


    1. Busy day! Can you use the calf sleeve during runs or is it just for after?

    2. SO glad to hear you guys are almost 100% in! Captain sounds like the sweetest man - you are a very lucky woman!

    3. I love my Tommie Copper calf sleeves! i have them in blue and black now. I sleep in them sometimes and wear them to work also. Hope your moving went well!

    4. Tommie Copper is truly amazing! Glad you guys are getting settled in!

    5. wow! you all certainly were busy but it sounds like everything went smoothly and i know it will be fun to have a freezer again for a while :) TC ankle sleeve has been saving me this week! TC really is a life saver sometimes :)

    6. I think I need to try this calf sleeve. I'll look for it! It sound slike it will be nice to be in a home for six months....a new running/walking route??

    7. I love my tc - I can totally relate to the "oh I forgot I had those" though lol yesterday my knee was hurting and as I'm literally limping around the house I'm like,"Oh ya, I have something I can do" lol

    8. That's it. I so need to try a calf sleeve! Especially after the half in Disney, I am really wondering if this will help my recovery too. I am checking them out!

      Glad you are all settled in! :)


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