Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits

The packing continues... yesterday food and staples from the salon lockers... always good to get to the bottom of the lockers to see what is actually there!  I do try to keep an accurate inventory, but things get missed.

And today, I packed up the head (that's the powder room/bathroom) lockers... cosmetics, and what I refer to as 'drugstore stuff'... and then a few dishes from the galley I like to have along... also some clothing - running gear for sure!  And tomorrow morning, a bit more clothing and the contents of the refrigerator as we head to shore.

I have managed to get in a couple of walks and tonight I will do a strength workout while I watch the finale of the Biggest Loser.

Yesterday I made us each a smoothie in the afternoon with my newest addiction.... Coconut Dream!

Last week I did a post on my food blog about using it to make our morning oats, and the lovely Christy left me a comment saying that she likes it in smoothies.  All righty then.

I mixed half a cup of this luscious creamy coconut milk with a whole small banana, and the result was fantastic.  Thanks, Christy!  I owe ya one!

Sadly,  I used the last of the carton in our oats again this morning, along with some raisins, and then a blob of chunky natural pb on the top! Mmmmmm.

Today, Marcia posted a giveaway from Planet Gear that she has going on until December 17th, and also mentioned a great promo that Planet Gear has going on.  If you LIKE their Facebook Page by December 15th, they will donate a can of food to a food bank in your honor.  If you use Facebook, do go LIKE their page.  And check out Marcia's giveaway while you are at it!

Tomorrow we move!  Hurray!  I am not very good in transition mode.


  1. i love to do my strength training/ab work during BL...it is so motivating to me :) good luck with the move! will be sending you positive thoughts that everything goes well and smoothly!

  2. Yum! I have never tried Coconut Dream but it looks so good! I had a smoothie today too and it was absolutely delicious. Good luck with moving. Transition periods are the worst so I hope everything goes as quickly and as smoothly as possible!

  3. wow, that sounds good but I've never tried it either.

  4. I love Coconut milk in smoothies... but plain it makes me queasy. Weird because I LOVE coconut! Happy packing!

  5. I just tagged you with a versatile blogger award. Check it out!

  6. I have to get some of that coconut milk! It sounds amazing!

  7. pina colada smoothies?! Sign me up! Also, your oats sounds delicious - I wonder what they would taste like with a little shredded carrot in there!

    I have been too afraid to buy the coconut milk, but I might just include it in my next shopping trip!

    I also don't know how you do it - moving in and out every winter...your organization is outstanding!

  8. You know what else is amazing is coconut butter. I add a scoop of that to my protein shake and it's amazing!

  9. Coconut milk is yummy! My family is moving into an Rv for a year next summer. So fun to read your sailing adventures. I hopped over from Livin' the Fit Life give away. Have a great day, Claire


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