Saturday, December 3, 2011

My Weekly Recap

Other than Sunday, when I did no formal exercise at all, I had a good week. I ran a couple of times, walked several times and did a couple of strength routines as well. I also did a fair amount of stretching.... I am learning to love stretching after running and also after my upper body workouts.

  • zippo!
  • walk .33 miles
  • run 5.97 miles
  • stretch 10 minutes
  • walk 2 miles
  • upper body routine w/8 lb weights X 2 - 10 minutes
  • lower body routine - 10 minutes
  • walk 5 miles
  • walk .5 miles
  • run 4.15 miles
  • stretch 5 minutes
  • walk 5 miles
  • walk 4 miles
  • walk 2 miles
  • upper body routine w/8lb weights X 3  - 15 minutes
  • lower body routine X 2 - 20 minutes
I am enjoying the motivation I am getting from participating in the HBBC and Winter 100 Challenges, and also looking for decorations to put on my Christmas tree each day during the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge.

I am hoping that Monday brings us a nice day to get out and run 5 km for the Hope Endures virtual 5 km, too.

How was your week, fitness-wise?

Are you motivated by the challenges going around?  Participating in any?


  1. Awesome job once again, Elle! This week was weird for me...that new program I'm on requires three rest days in a row for the first two weeks! Workout four days, take three off. VERY different from what I'm used to...PLUS no cardio for a month, so things have been interesting to say the least! It's a different kind of challenge!

  2. Good job! You certainly get a lot of walking in! Definitely doing better than me :) But I'm plodding along and collating my points too...

  3. Great job Elle! I'm not doing any particular challenges right now - but I am doing the Hope Endures 5k as well.

  4. Great week of workouts! I'm so motivated by HBBC. My competitive spirit is really coming out!

  5. The challenges are motivating me. The bad thing is that I keep forgetting to update the spreadsheet for HBBC, although it DOES get me to eat more fruits and veggies anyway.

  6. I'm actually not participating in any of these challenges, I should but I need to use my internet time sparingly and I don't have time to keep track of it all. I am working so much!

    your week looks AMAZING you must be racking up the points :D GOOD JOB ELLE!!

  7. Im doing the challenge too. I love a little competition. Wonder if shopping = points?

  8. Great week! I'm not in on any of the challenges, but they sound fun.

  9. I agree that the challenges going around are providing motivation! I'm glad they're working for you too! I haven't heard of the 25 days of Christmas challenge though, sounds cool!

  10. As you know, I am doing the HBBC Challenge too. That is motivating me to eat healthy too! I packed a salad with raspberries, blackberries, pecans and walnut-raspberry vinaigrette today and a cup of clear-broth soup. Really excited about getting a lot of vegetables in early!

    You are really kicking those running workouts, Elle! I am so proud of all the progress you are making - AMAZING!


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