Thursday, December 1, 2011

M is for Motivation... and My Thursday Doubts

It was grey and cloudy when I woke up this morning... it was supposed to be sunny and blue.  I was quite disappointed.  We had a run planned for today and I lingered over my morning coffee and a soduku puzzle.... The Captain made omelets and toast for breakfast and they were delicious!  I ate very slowly and enjoyed every bite.

A while later, I wandered up the dock on a little scouting mission to check out the weather.  It was a cool 3°C and quite humid... which translates into cold and damp, and I DIDN'T WANT TO RUN!  I could hardly believe I really felt that way, but as I wandered back down the dock to the boat, I acknowledged it was true.

It is so much trouble to run in the cool weather, especially when we are staying on the boat...  tights, jackets, gloves, headwear... and then making sure to strip off our sweaty gear in the cockpit enclosure so as not to bring the moisture inside... so much organization and todo that I really just felt like scrapping the whole idea.

As I neared our slip,  I remembered that it is December 1st and that I was starting the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge today and that empty, unadorned tree on my blog popped into my mind... and I thought about The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge and The Winter 100 Challenge... but it was cold and damp out there and I was arguing with myself and I really didn't know which side was going to win.

As I opened the zipper on the enclosure and stepped inside, I started to wonder how I might tell The Captain that I didn't want to go... but when I came inside, he was warming up our running shoes in front of a space heater, and he already had changed into his running clothes.  How could I not want to go?  He only runs because I want to;  he runs only to keep me company, so if he was ready to head out, how could I possibly not go?  Well, of course I could not tell him it was off... I thanked him for warming up my running shoes, and quickly donned my gear too, and off we went.  I never told him about my doubts.

As we ran, I warmed up of course, and the clouds started to break apart... the longer we ran the nicer the weather got and by the time we were done and doing our short cool-down walk, the sun was shining and there was a lot of blue sky showing.  The promised day had arrived.  I was so glad that I had made the decision to run today!  Not a long run, but a very enjoyable and kind of speedy run, and I had a whole new outlook on the day.  We ran an out-and-back route for a total of 6.64 km, according to Map My Run.

W3 R47 @9/1 W4
stretch 5 minutes

After we stripped off our sweaty togs and left them to dry, we went below and put on cozy warm clothes and I made us each a smoothie with chocolate milk and an banana... mmmm.... now that was the icing on the running cake! 

I earned my wonderful, steamy hot shower today!  And then I remembered I am going to a Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow morning for my December weigh in....

What motivates you to get out go for a run, or hit the gym or jump into the pool, on a day you don't really feel like it?

Here are some things that might do it for you, too:
  • Making a workout date with a partner or friend
  • Signing up for a challenge or event
  • Looking forward to a food/drink or other reward at the end of the activity
  • Making entries in a log book or on your blog or your Facebook page
  • Telling someone else what you are going to do, or Tweeting about it
  • An upcoming date with your scale or tape measure or skinny jeans!
  • Being able to look at yourself in the mirror and feel proud of your accomplishments
  • Looking at signs, posters, pictures, jewellery or clothing that gives you a confidence boost
I hope you will share your motivators with me - I may need to call on them one day!


  1. okay. i love the fact that you all warm your shoes before heading out for a run in the cold. that seriously sounds motivating to me!

    i definitely think planning a run with someone else keeps me accountable. but i also focus on the feeling that i have after completing a run. i always feel more focused, accomplished, refreshed and ready for the day...that usually motivates me to at least get out there and do something :)

    glad you got out there today Elle!

  2. I had one of those days too - I soooo did not feel like doing my run today but sister talked me into it. Sometimes a kick in the pants (or a motivating friend or partner or sister or warm running shoes) is just what you need!

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean about having to gear up for the cold...getting out the head band, gloves, pants, long jacket, long shirt, etc. just seems like such a drag.

    I already miss the warm days of summer when running felt so carefree! Actually I miss the days of fall/spring (not summer quite so much) because I prefer the weather to be not tooo hot.

  4. A run with someone else is definitely #1, but I get motivated knowing that I have good plans later in the evening, and a workout will pep me up, bring color to my cheeks, and give me a little more wiggle room to enjoy myself and wear a nice outfit :)

    I love how you told this story! And the captain is too sweet!! I have to beg Tripp to go out with me :)

  5. Good job getting out there! I have a feeling all of these challenges are really going to motivate a lot of us. I hate not doing my best!

  6. Love that you warm your shoes! What a great idea!

    Usually I run with other people so that definitely gets me out the door. This morning I was running alone, and I debated getting up so long that I had to cut my workout short! But, better than nothing!

    Good job getting out there!

  7. Well done! I've been totally rubbish on the motivation front this week. And I love the fact that the sun came out for you :)

  8. Oh, and my main motivation is knowing I've made plans with a friend to run. Previously, when I had entered an event, it scared me but still didn't necessarily motivate me! (I am really rubbish at motivation - don't take my ideas!)

  9. WIth the onset of cold weather I had a lot of those days this past week (or 2). Sometimes it took my husband telling me to "go run". Other days I thought about one of my favorite quotes, the only run (or workout) you regret is the one you didn't do. It seems to have worked but I'm hoping for a more motivated next week!

    Love the idea of warming your shoes :)

  10. Elle! These motivators are so perfect - thank you for writing them down! These are so helpful. Running with the Lucky 13's keeps me motivated and accountable and you're right, posting somewhere about my workouts also helps. Like when you hold me accountable to weight lifting - I am more likely to do it because I know you will be "checking." It is like telling a friend you will be sure and do something - you just have to follow through! (Although I have been late a time or two...oops....!) Thank you for being one of my motivators!

    THAT QUOTE IS PERFECT! That is something I struggle with. Even if my knee is bothering me or my legs are tired, I notice that once my brain gives up, it's over. The trick is to get my brain in the game! Thank you for reminding me of this.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!


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