Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So Long November, December is on Her Merry Way!

November was a much more active month for me than I initially thought it was going to be.  At the beginning of the month, I was afraid that I was not going to be able to run again till the end of the month, because of my then-recent eye surgery.  I thought I was restricted to some walking and resigned myself to that, knowing I could still take part in the Pile on the Miles Challenge from November 1st through the 25th.

But, after seeing the doctor I was given the go-ahead to resume my normal activities and that made me very happy.... to put it mildly.  I was ecstatic!  I was allowed to run and also resume lifting some weight, too.

So in November:
  • I ran 48.67 km
  • I walked 53 miles
  • I did Pilates a few times
  • I did my upper body routine with 8 lb dumbells and my lower body resistance routine a couple of times each week
All in all a good month, and December promises to be even better.

Along with The Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, and The Winter 100 Challenge, I have taken on another that begins December 1st and runs till Christmas Day.

It is one that I found on Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans called The 25 Days of Christmas Challenge.  It involves doing some fitness and drinking 8 cups of water, every day.  There is a Christmas Tree pattern that you can print and hang on your wall... and give yourself a sticker ornament every day that you do some activity, just like an Advent calendar.  Only, this will be so much better for me than the one I usually have that offers up a piece of candy every day!

I have chosen to keep my tree on this blog so that it will be right in front of me.   Poor tree; it is sad-looking and unadorned right now, but I commit to putting an ornament on it every day, and make it look as pretty as a festive Christmas Tree should be.

If you are interested, go check it out and join in the fun. I think it will be great to watch the decorations appear on the tree as I work-out my way through December till Christmas!


  1. I love the Christmas tree idea - such a great concept! Much better than a chocolate every day in the advent calendar!

  2. Love the Christmas tree idea! It is fun, festive, and I know my darling daughter will get into it with me! Thanks for the heads-up and I am glad you had a good November! I haven't looked at my stats yet....kinda scared to but will face the reality soon enough.

  3. I love this!! Such a fantastic idea! I want to do it but the new plan I'm on forces me to take a lot of rest days so my tree would be so empty! Oomgrsts on getting so many unexpected miles in last month!

  4. that is such a great idea! I have to disagree with Vanessa though, I love my chocolate treat in my advent calendar :)

    I want to take part, and with the HBBC I should....

  5. Wow, you are all about these challenges! Can't wait to see that tree fill up :)

  6. cute Christmas tree idea :)

    My mom in law is having eye surgery this coming week, she's a nervous wreck about it and is worried she will lose so much from missing a week of boot camp :( You can be her motivation!!! Awesome job!

  7. I love the Christmas tree idea! I am already doing more than I can manage to keep up with though so I will skip that one.

    Great job with November and Good luck filling up your tree!

  8. wow Elle! you really got in some serious miles in November...what an amazing example you are especially after coming back from your surgery. great work!

    i love the Christmas tree idea....i wonder if I can workout and still eat a piece of candy? haha!


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