Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Great Run on Our Very Special Day

I wanted to make French toast for breakfast this morning but we didn't have any milk in the fridge, and I didn't want to root around in a salon locker for a tetrapak of Almond Breeze so I got creative... I used some vanilla yogurt, mixed it with an egg and some cinnamon and then dipped the bread in that before frying it.  It was delicious!  And we are really enjoying some Ruby Red Texax grapefruit right now... we alveays get a big bag of them this time of  year when they arrive in our grocery stores.

It was a bit frosty again this morning but melting somewhat by the time we set off for our run at 10:45 a.m.  The promised sunshine was just beginning to poke through some cloud cover, and I let The Captain have his choice between two routes.

One was 8 km and the other was 8.75 km and I really expected him to pick the shorter one, but he opted for the longer as it would have more direct sunlight... I was delighted as this is my favorite route along the town waterfront.

I dressed a bit warmer today.  I wore tights and a tank with a built in bra, a long sleeved tee with a cowl neck over it, and then a tee shirt over that, under my light running jacket.  Then a headband, light gloves... and my waterbelt over the jacket.  Sheesh!  I would so much rather run in warm weather.... but off we went.

It was great!  The sun came out and did manage to warm us a bit and I removed my jacket for about a half hour stretch in the middle of the run.  We did a 10/1 run/walk routine today and finished in 71 minutes.  I was happy with that... 3 minutes faster than the last time out... it seemed odd to be drinking cold water, but I was glad to have taken it along.  I was kinda wishing I had packed a few of the CLIF SHOT BLOKS that I got last week, too.  Next time for sure.

Back at the marina we did our stetches on the dock 'finger' between our boat and the Catalina in the next slip.

W2 R71 @ 10/1 W3
stretch 5

Once inside I made us smoothies with chocolate  milk and bananas.  That got us through shower time easily and we ended up having a late lunch.

Today is a special day for us... it marks the anniversary of the day we met.  We do celebrate our wedding anniversary too, but this date has always been 'our' day.  Here are few happy memories...

Top Right and clockwise:
  • Our wedding at the Grand Floridian Hotel in Walt Disney World, Florida
  • Me on the beach at Glace Bay, Nova Scotia
  • The Captain with Penny on the top of The Bear's Hump at Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
  • Me skiing at Panorama Resort, B.C.
  • Me and Penny at Christmas at the Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta

Top Right and clockwise:
  • Me at the helm during our sea trial in Vancouver, B.C.
  • Scout with her puppy, asleep in the cockpit
  • The Captain catching our first ever crab feed
  • Sailing on the Sidney Channel
  • Me on South Pender Island
  • Sunset at Montague Harbour, Galliano Island
  • The Captain and Scout at Sidney Spit Marine Park
We have done a lot of travelling over the years... a couple of trips to Europe and all over Canada and the U.S. and Mexico.  We have become nomads and are always up for an adventure.

We are never sure what is around the next corner and that is just fine with us... as long as we are together, it doesn't really matter!


  1. Awww... love seeing your pictures! I love that you celebrate the day you met too. I wish I could remember ours... I know it was in September... sad I know.

  2. I love how adventurous you two are! I wish one day to have as many fun explorations as you.

  3. Elle, you guys are so cute!! I love the pictures! I don't remember the exact day Dean and I met so he better propse soon so that we have a day to celebrate :)

    Your breakfast looks insanely good!

  4. What a special day! To me the wedding anniversary is more important but I love recognizing the day we met as well - how romantic! Glad you had a lovely run to celebrate.

  5. aww this is too sweet! thanks for sharing the pictures!

  6. Love all the great pictures Congrats on a special anniversary! Keep exploring!

  7. awwww! i just love this...such a special day to celebrate :) thanks for sharing the pictures with us!

  8. that is awesome that you all have been about to travel so much and I love that you also celebrate the day you met, that is great!!

  9. aw, love all of the pictures :) Happy Day you met! Ah a DisneyWorld wedding? How magical!!

  10. Great pictures! I love these! Yummy breakfast. I love having a special breakfast!

  11. Congrats on the anniversary! How sweet! And now you have me wanting grapefruit. I'm going to have to pick some up next time I'm at the store.

  12. Beautiful - I love your pictures! Especially your wedding at the Grand Floridian - just gorgeous!

    It sounds like you guys live an awesome life - I wish Michael and I could do that someday. It just seems perfect and you're right, as long as you have one another, what else matters?!

    Take care, my lovely sailing friend!

  13. Contests on your day Elle! You two are too cute and have done some incredible things! All I have with Tripp is the day we met, we don't know which day we started "dating" , so that's the next best thing i guess.


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