Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Weekly Workout Recap and Saturday Stuff

We slept in till after 9 a.m. this morning... such an usual luxury!  I could see that the sky was bright blue as soon as I opened my eyes and I was delighted, although somewhat surprised because I really was expecting that there would be snow on the docks this morning..... dodged a bullet there cause it did not happen!

There was a bit of frost though, but it was gone by the time we started our Saturday pancake feed so the danger was past by the time we headed out for our walk to town centre today.  It was a glorious day on the waterfront...  lots of doggies out walking and we met a new black and white English Springer today... that is always a highlight for me.   I need a little doggy love every day. 

Late this afternoon, back on board, I cooked some rice and baked some potatoes to store away in the fridge... I like to have a few things made up ahead when there is forecast for a few rainy days in a row... and it looks like it's going to be wet Monday through Wednesday... very wet! 

I am planning a Sunday run in the promised sunshine.

So, my workout recap!  All, in all, a pretty good week I think. I got in some exercise every day and so am happy about that.

In light of beginning the HBBC Challenge today, I am posting more details about the length of the workouts, and not so much about what each one involved.

HBBC Challenge

Right now my upper body work is pretty consistent... a routine of 6 exercises of 10 reps each, done one after another.... then once or twice more.  The lower body routine is standing leg lifts, squats and rear lunges. I think I will stick pretty consistently to these workouts until we move off the boat in mid-December, when I will start doing more varied and longer strength workouts.

  • run 8 km/5 miles - 59 minutes
  • walk .33 mile - 5 minutes
  • stretch 5 minutes
  • walk 5 miles - 80 minutes
  • run 8.72 km/5.45 miles - 74 minutes
  • walk .33 mile - 5 minutes
  • stretch 7 minutes
  • upper body workout w/8lb dumbbells - 10 minutes
  • Pilates - 10 minutes
  • lower body resistance work - 10 minutes
  • walk 5 miles - 75 minutes
  • walk 2 miles - 30 minutes
  • walk 5 miles - 75 minutes


  1. You are being so super consistent with workouts! Great job! A little doggie love is sure nice :) When it gets frosty, is it super slippery on the dock and deck?

  2. looks like you had a great week! yeah for no snow!

  3. Awesome week, Elle! Great job - your workouts are always so inspiring to me!!


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