Sunday, February 19, 2012

7 Weeks Training Done Now... and Blood Oranges

We have completed 7 weeks of our half marathon training schedule and so far it has gone quite well.  A couple of little hiccups along the way, but for the most part we are getting the runs in.  And, I am enjoying the confines of running according to a schedule.
I have noticed that my legs are getting more muscular and leaner.  I know I am going to be very happy about that when the weather warms up and I transition back to running shorts and skirts.

And I am hungrier! I was warned to expect this side effect but until I experienced it, wasn't quite sure how hard it would hit.  I need to find some ways to  make more satisfying meals instead of just eating more snacks at night.  I am going to do some menu planning today.

I am struggling with hydration.  I have had some good advice about making sure to drink more water throughout the day.  Normally I drink tea all day but not much water during these cooler months and I need to do that.  So I am now putting water in a container on the counter in the morning, and making sure I drink it before noon, and then refilling it and making sure I drink that before dinner. 

I am also going to start carrying water on any runs I do over 3 miles in length.  And I am going to start experimenting with using nuun this week too, during the run.  I had planned to use nuun in the water bottle during a 6 mile run yesterday, but it didn't happen.  The rain was coming down so hard I thought it would be silly to go out and get cold and wet and take the chance of getting sick, so we did a speedy 2 miles when it finally let up late afternoon. 

The 6 miles will become 6.2 miles (10k) on Monday and I will try the nuun then.

I am still doing some strength training and some core work each week too.  And when I look back at my notes, I see that I have had 2 rest days each week for the past 2 weeks.  I think I need to do some better workout scheduling as I don't really think I need that second rest day right now... maybe as the running mileage starts to increase this next few weeks I may go back to it again.

All in all I am happy with how things are progressing.  The shorter runs are getting faster and the longer runs are not killing me, yet!  I am trying to keep things interesting by varying our routes, and signing up for some virtual races as they come along, too.

This week I bought some blood oranges... have you ever tried them?  I have seen them but never tasted one, but the little produce market near us that I have come to love, had some cut for sampling yesterday so we both tried a piece and really liked them.

I bought 6 of them... and we just shared one after our pancakes this morning.

I am not sure what variety these are... they have a dark crimson centre and I can see that we are going to have to be careful with the juice.  It stains the rind of the orange and seemed to stain  my fingers too.  Did I see that Chobani is making a blood orange yogurt now?  I really have to get across the border this year to do some shopping!

Do you like to try new freggies?   What have you tried lately that you would recommend?

I love to try new fruits and vegetables and am always curious to read what people like and don't.


  1. I love blood oranges! I got inspired after a trip to pinkberry. Yum!!

  2. For the first time in YEARS I picked up some organic brussel sprouts...and LOVED THEM! Of course I seem to love ALL cruciferous vegetables (gotta get those phytonutrients)!! The total glucosinolate content that has been shown to be greater than the amount found in mustard greens, turnip greens, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, or broccoli (which is A LOT already) is enough for me to add these little guys into my veggie rotation:)

  3. I have always wondered about blood oranges. They look so pretty inside. I am not the most adventurous as far as new food goes. I guess you can't really go wrong with fruits or veggies:)
    Good job on your training!

  4. Those blood oranges look beautiful! I have been on a clementine kick all winter but now that they are less easy to find I may have to give those a try!

  5. I love blood oranges too. I haven't had one in a while but Chobani has a blood orange flavor now. Yum! I bring water every time I am out - never care about how far I am going. I drink a ton and you'll get into the swing of it too! Great job on the training!

  6. I love blood oranges. I didn't see them at the grocery store today - but wasn't really looking. Now I need to go back tomorrow!!! And yes, Chobani makes an incredible blood orange. But I've only had it 1 x so far because it's always sold out!

  7. those blood oranges are beautiful! I love those darn things but havent had them in forever. I havent tried anything lately but i need to try something new, it seems great!

  8. ELLE! i think it is fantastic how well your training is going. this post was so positive and full of energy and excitement for your training. love it. also really love that you found a way to tackle your need to get in more water! good luck this week!

  9. I tried blood oranges for the first time last week and fell in love with them! They are SO yummy!!

  10. Call me crazy but I've never seen a blood orange until now!

    I can't believe you are already in Week 7 of your training. Hope the Nuun works well for you!

  11. never had those...but they kinda look yummy!

    good job in your half training...keep it up! i run my first 10K this saturday and I'm a nervous wreck because I'm def NOT trained like I wanted to be...

  12. Mm I love blood oranges, especially in salads with goat cheese :)

  13. I have never had blood oranges, but they look good! I hope that chobani flavor makes its way to stores here soon! It is amazing how hungry all this running makes a person isn't it! I used to be pretty boring with the fruits and veggies but now I really like trying new things.

  14. I think you are doing AWESOME on your trainng! I love reading about and seeing all the progress you have made. :) You are finding what works for you and THAT is what is important. It is really pretty cool.

    I honestly have never tried a blood orange, but I want to because they LOOK so good. I will have to look in the stores around here. I recently found Almond Milk anf bought it, but have not tried it yet. :)

  15. Those blood oranges look awesome! It is hard to find them sometimes, but I am going to keep my eye out for them here!


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