Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1st and Things are Happening This Month!

It's February 1st and it is the day I am joining Amanda and many others in a formal even that will help us remembr to say THANK YOU to those we meet and greet on a daily basis, and to appreciate the people in our lives, beginning with ourselves.


Please visit Run to the Finish and read about the challenge, and do join in if you are interested.  I would love to see you there.

There are a couple of virtual runs that I am planning to take part in this month....

The first is on Saturday, February 11th and it is in honor of Sherry Arnold, the runner who was abducted and murdered in Montana in January.  Her cousin, Beth, who blogs at Shut Up and Run, has organized a wonderful tribute event.  Please check Beth's post and join in

And the second is a LEAP YEAR virtual run.  It is is a 2.9 miler on Wednesday, February 29th, of course! This is a fun event with great prizes and is sponsored by Erica who writes Life as a Running Mom.

And don't forget about the HANDFUL BRA giveaway that is going on until the end of the month.  Please check it out here if you are interested in wining!

Here is to a new month.. I hope it is a wonderful one for you!

Do you have goals for February?

Will you take part in any of these events?


  1. Hope you have a wonderful month also! I am doing the run for Sherry, I will have to look at the other!

  2. Yep, I'm already signed up for Erica's run and will have to go check out the details for Feb 11th too. It's been a long time since I've done a virtual run!

  3. I love the appreciation challenge! I planned on not racing at all this month but I can't pass up the one in honor of Sherry.

  4. I'm participating in all of these events!

  5. thanks for sharing the Leap Year one!! I am going to do a 10 miler in honor of Sherry on the 11th!

  6. can you believe it is already february!?! i am definitely planning on participating in the virtual event for Sherry. I have not signed up yet but am at least going to walk in her honor...hoping i may even be able to jog some of it by then :) such a great thing to do in her memory so i would not miss it!

    thanks for sharing about the leap year one...that sounds fun as well!

  7. I am doing all of these too!!!!! YAY!

  8. I'm in for sherrys runnd the 2.9 miler yahoo

  9. Yes for the race for Sherry and Amanda's gratitude challenge. Haven't had time to post about it unfortunately:( doing my virtual half too. So excited!

  10. I haven't done a virtual run yet but I want to!! Not that my ankles are starting to feel a bit normal again I might take part in one :)

  11. Hope February brings lots of joys your way :)

    I might have to sign up and check out details...thanks!

    Hm, my big feb goal is the Feb 25th 10K! Whew, my first one and let's hope it goes well!!

  12. Happy Feb to you! I'm doing the run on Feb 11th as well. My goal is to not gain weight on our cruise. HAHA.

  13. I am definetly doing the one for Sherry. Amazing how global that one has gone! Will have to check out the one at Amandas.

    I want to win those Handfuls!


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