Monday, February 6, 2012

PureFit Nutrition Bars Rate an A From Us!

I was given the opportunity to sample and review some PureFit bars recently... and I jumped at it quite willingly.  I am always up for trying out a new food product, particularly one I think is healthy and nutritious, and has the possibility of being delicious as well!

The Sample Pack of 5 bars arrived along with some information about the company and nutritional data on the bars...

"  PureFit nutrition bars are the #1 selling wheat, gluten, and dairy free high-protein nutrition bars on the market.  Kosher certified, vegan PureFit bars pack 18grams of protein, without the candy-bar like ingredients of our competitors.  PureFit bars do not contain hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners or sugar alchohols."

Berry Almond Crunch, Chocolate Brownie, Granola Crunch, Almond Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch

These bars all contain about 220 calories, 18g Protein, 25g Carbohydrates and 7g Fat  and they are a balanced 40/30/30 which is Zone friendly for anyone who is looking for that in a bar.

The first opportunity to try them out came after our 6 mile run on Saturday afternoon.  We ran after a light lunch and I did carry water but no energy gels so we were both a bit hungry by the time we were finished and cooled down.

I offered to have The Captain share a bar with me while we stretched and drank some water, and I just knew he would choose the Berry Almond Crunch.. if there are raspberries available, that will always be  his first choice.

I opened the Berry Almond Crunch bar...

and cut it in pieces...

and we bit in!  Here is The Captain's reaction!

This bar has a really nice berry flavor... and you can see bits of raspberries and cranberries in it.  It is a bit soft, and chewy and quite flavorful.  We both really liked it and it put our hunger to rest for about an hour... not bad for half the bar each after a 6 mile run.

Then today, we did a 3 mile run about an hour and a half afer a light breakfast.  When we got back I cut into the Chocolate Brownie bar... I thought that it would be the one that really tell the tale, tastewise.  There are a lot of bad chocolate-flavored nutrition bars around and I was anxious to see if the PureFit bar would stand up to a chocolate lover's scrutiny.

Well, it looked like a chocolate brownie when I cut into it, and the ground almonds are a nice bonus... but how would it taste?

It gets a Thumbs Up from me!  And you know I would have to have really loved it to expose my shy, naked-faced, sweaty self to you in this way...  This Chocolate Brownie is hands down the best Chocolate Brownie nutrition bar I have ever had.  The chocolate flavor is great and the texture is very pleasing, too. The Captain even raved about it and he is not as big a chocolate fan as I am.

I can hardly wait till our next run to try another one of these bars.  And I will be keeping some in my glove box and in my purse, too, as I never go far without food!

PureFit bars can be purchased from their web site or by calling 1.866.PureFit
Use coupon code PROMO25 to receive 25% off your introductory order.

"Give yourself an all-natural boost with great-tasting, award-winning PureFit nutrition bars.  It's the first high-protein sports nutrition bar with no wheat, gluten or dairy, that doesn't melt in its packaging!  Vegan Approved and Kosher Certified."

I was given these bars to review and received no other compensation.  The opinions expressed are 100% my own.  The quoted text is from the PureFit promotional material that accompanied the bars.


  1. I was pleasantly surprised at how good they are. glad you liked them too!

  2. i am SO glad that you reviewed these. I keep seeing them on Christina's blog and have been wanting to learn more/try them/know what they are like! they look absolutely delicious in the pic! i am going to look them up more online and see about trying them for myself :)

  3. Great review! I have some, but have not tried them yet. I am looking forward to something pleasant now! Thanks!

  4. Love the pic of the Captain. Good for him! My Captain won't try any of the fitness bars! I'll check Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

  5. I need to try these....I love your faces :) I am seriously IN LOVE with the Capt ;) ....shhhh

    great review Elle

  6. I've had those before too!! YUM!!! so filling!!!


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