Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Virtual Race for Grandma Lill

HikerMom is sponsoring a virtual race that starts today, Grandma Lill's 95th Half-Marathon/10k.

You can run a half marathon along with her, or you can run a 10k instead.  The race can be run anytime between February 18th and 29th....  please read her post for all the details, and use her rafflecopter entry form for race and prize sign up.

Happy Birthday, Grandma  Lill!


  1. fun fun! i saw this race, and guess i should join in too!!! sounds like fun!

  2. Glad you are running it with me! Don't forget to choose your distance, that will get you an extra point or 2:)

  3. hahaha I've gotta a 10k run on the agenda today - How could I now run for this lady - she's wearing a fake mustache!

  4. SHE'S running a half marathon?! Amazing! I will have to go check this out!! Thanks!!!


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