Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week 8 Training Done - Would Love YOUR Advice!

Week 8 of my half marathon training is in the bag!  And it was a good week in many ways... not so good in others.

Normally we have been doing our long runs on Saturdays, but last Saturday the weather was awful. It poured rain all day till well into the afternoon... by then it was too late to get in the scheduled 6 miles, so we did only 2.  Not wanting to forego that 6 miler altogether, we moved it to Monday.

So, Monday we did a 10k (6.2 miles) to take part in Grandma Lill's 95th Birthday virtual race.

Then on Wednesday it was quite windy so we did a 5km loop through the neighborhood instead of the 3 mile route that is more exposed to weather.

And today, there was a 7 miler on the schedule... but again, due to weather and some sniffles (both of us) I have postponed it to Monday.  I just don't think there is any point stressing our immune systems any more than necessary... better to rest a bit and stay warm, load up on zinc and vitamin C,  and then see what Monday brings.  Today we ran the same 5 km route as Wednesday, but in the opposite direction.

All in all a good week and I am happy that:
  • my legs are getting noticeably stronger and more muscular
  • I am abe to run faster on shorter runs
  • I am building mental toughness
  • I am looking forward to the runs
But I am concerned about:
  • a constant craving for sweets even when I am not hungry
  • leg soreness after long runs during the evening and night when I am sleeping
This week I tried and had good success with:
  • using a nuun tablet in my water for hydration during the 10km run.  Next long run I am going to have half a tab before heading out and then taking more along in my water for during.
  • wearing my Recovery Socks for several hours on Monday after the 10 km run and I think that is the key for me... keep the legs warm and supported.
  • wearing my Tommie Copper calf sleeve during the night when cramping appears. I wish I had a pair of them!
  • making sure to rehydrate after runs, stretching, eating bananas, and taking my supplements... I do believe that all helps the legs.
I am going to sit down today and do some menu planning for the week to make sure I am getting enough protein in my days' eats. This last week I just tried to eat more overall but that is just not cutting it. I want to eat cookies and chocolate all evening! 

Usually after we run and have had a couple of glasses of water, I make us each a smoothie of some kind to sip while we stretch.

I put a whole banana into the blender jar, usually about half a cup of some kind of milk (Almond Breeze, fat free cow's milk, Coconut Dream) or a partial scoop of protein powder and half a cup of water, some ground flax, or some chia seeds, and perhaps other fruit and cinnamon.

On Wednesday, I added raspberries to The Captain's smoothie...

And today, the only fruit was a banana...

Of course I would love any feedback that you have to offer!

Do your legs get sore after your longer runs?  What do you do about that to help them recover?

Do you use special RECOVERY foods or drinks or powders? Which ones would you recommend from your own experience?

Do you take supplements?  Which ones?


  1. When I do a really hard run, I will rub my legs down with Muscle Ice to help minimize the soreness. It's done wonders for my recovery.

    After morning workouts, I usually add some l-glutamine to my protein shake to help with muscle recovery.

    Other than that, I just take the usual multi-vitamins and fish oil and niacin to help manage my cholesterol/triglycerides.

  2. I try like mad to get in protein as soon as the run is done. I LOVE omelets post run but lately have loved protein smooties - NEOCELL and Click. Yoga has helped me quite a bit with recovery and stretching between runs. Keep it up!

  3. I dont get sore anymore after long runs but if I go above 10 miles I ice always

    I now use a foam roller also.

    recovery food: not necessary for anything under 10 miles for me. Over 10: chicken soup and pretzel. no powders.

    supp: yes for me. Vit c, d , b complex, omega 3, pro and pre biotics. also bio identical hormones because I had an hysterectomy

  4. Great job on Grandma Lill's race! Glad you could join me:) I would be interested in hearing peoples answers too! My legs get achy after long runs and I usually drink lots and maybe take advil. Ice baths help if you can stand it. I am going to a naturopath next week and I am going to ask her about supplements for runners, so I will post about it after.

  5. Great job Capt and Elle :D sweet training. I think it's a great sign that you're getting faster on shorter runs, but try and reserve that energy for speedwork/tempos and just take it easy. I ran all my runs too fast and when you're trying to build up endurance, it just does more harm than good.

    Also - my calves and legs have muscle soreness after long runs, I just try to stretch them out constantly - whenever I go down the stairs I try to pull them out more. I massage them and use TC calf sleeves :D

  6. I try to get in some form of protein within 30 minutes of the run, usually chocolate milk or a protein shake. Today it was jerky :)

    I did a really long run today and was more sore than usual, think I will sleep in the TC sleeves tonight, i do recommend a set of them!

    I don't really do anything else special. I was thinking ice bath today, but I just didn't have time with the kids.

    Great job with all you are doing!

  7. I love my CEP compression socks for recovery after a long run.

    Usually I refuel after with eggs or some other kind of protein.

    Ive been taking Immucell and vitamins for my supplements. So far, so good.

  8. after my 10K yesterday, I'm actually sore. I think because i really pushed myself and wanted to run faster than I did in the half marathon. It's in my legs, feeling like I did squats and lunges...I wasn't even sore like this after the half, so not sure what the deal is! You will do GREAT...stay positive and keep doing what you're doing! But again, I'm no expert with it!

  9. I've been having a little soreness lately, I recommend lots of stretching! Stretching & foam rolling. Also, you may want to have some protein right after finishing a run. It may cut down on your other cravings. Keep up the good work! You're doing so many great things already!

  10. I would recommend foam rolling, your legs will be sore if you are pushing it but that might help. what i do is sit on the floor and put both legs up on the roller. I cross my feet than lift my booty off the ground and suppot with my hands. Than I start moving the foam roller up and when it hurt hold it for 30 seconds than slowly move up again. Not sure if it will help but thought I would tell you!

  11. I use compression to recover sore legs. I don't use any particular "recovery" products- I really prefer whole foods, but I am for something as soon as possible (in that 30 minute window) and a mix of protein/carbs, like banana with pb or yogurt/fruit, etc. I hear you on the sweets thing too! I think you're right, by paying attention to overall protein it should help. I also plan to have a snack after dinner, but try to stick to an apple or homemade popcorn etc. You're doing great!!

  12. Nice job with your training! Protein/carb snack within 30 minutes of a run, stretching/rolling and rest days are ways I recover from runs.

  13. I think everyone's comments are really good! The only thing I do that isn't listed already is add Epsom salts to my baths - I think it aids in muscle recovery.

  14. Love your training recap and how you put the miles at the bottom of the graph - great idea, my friend! :)

    I will say that when I trained for my FIRST marathon, I had leg soreness a lot, but ever since then, it has not been nearly as bad (until I was training for the marathon). Sometimes I find that easy stretching really helps and I do like my CEP Compression socks.

    You could also try an ice bath - they help, but they are NOT my favorite thing!! ;)

  15. I normally shower and then put on my TC sleeves. If it's the morning then I will fix some CLICK (can't do caffeine in the afternoon or I'm up all night!).

    I don't take supplements but I do take a GNC Women's Multivitamin.


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