Sunday, July 29, 2012

Finish It: July

Hey, I found this on Kyria's blog today and I though it was so cute,  Would love to see yours too.

Here is my version of...

Finish It: July

Maybe I should get dressed and go out for a walk.
I love blue sky and soft breezes.
People would say that I’m a bit too opinionated.
I don’t understand cruelty in any form.
When I wake up in the morning I have a cup of hot water with a fresh lemon squeezed into it.
I lost my will to shovel snow.
Life is full of twists and turns; love and happy days. 
My past is full of
good times with great friends.
I get annoyed when
people let their dogs chase the birds on the beach.
Parties are best avoided.
I wish I had more hours in the day.
Dogs are
Birds are pretty but often noisy and messy.
Tomorrow I’m
going for a run.
I have low tolerance for mean spirited people.
I’m totally terrified of
heeling over too far in the sailboat and broaching.
I wonder why I
fall off my food wagon sometimes and eat junk.
Never in my life have I
ridden a snowmobile.
High school was
a means to get to university...  a necessary evil.
When I’m nervous
I giggle, usually inappropriately!
One time at a family gathering
my sister and brother locked me in my camper.
Take my advice: Be the you you want to become.
Making my bed
takes just a minute or two.
I’m almost always
prompt and punctual, upbeat and positive, smiling and happy.
I’m addicted to sunshine, fresh flowers, the beach and the ocean.
I want someone to buy me a bicycle.

What are you terrified of?

And addicted to?

Saturday was The Captain's birthday and he asked me to say thanks to everyone who left messages and good wishes on Twitter and Facebook for him.

Breakfast of pancakes, eggs, and fresh fruit... strawberries from our own container garden.


  1. I never make my bed because Ward is usually still in it (sometimes hours after I get up). By then, I just don't care anymore! I'm terrified of something happening to Ward or the kids. And I am 100% addicted to running. (shocker)

  2. Happy Birthday Cap! Fun Post :)

  3. I love this!! I'm goinna try to do it, too:)

    Happy Belated Birthday to your man!!!

  4. FUN~ I am going to have to do this too. I am addicted to running and chewy fruity candy. I can't resist either.

    Happy Birthday to the Captain!

  5. That's a fun post! Maybe the Captain will give you a bicycle for his birthday present.......oh wait, it doesn't work that way, does it? ;)

    1. Years ago I bought him a bike for his birthday and then bought one to match for myself! Hmmmm...maybe you are onto something here!

  6. This was fun to read and I posted as well:)

  7. I am glad you did this! Happy belated Bday to the Captain! I have to make my bed every day or I feel rushed/sloppy/stressed.

  8. Looks like the Captain had a delicious birthday breakfast!

  9. That is a great picture of The Captain! :) I always love seeing pictures of you guys. I really like this post. Since I have been finding it hard to find inspiration to write lately, I think I will give this a try. Maybe at the end of August? Thanks, Elle! :)


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