Monday, July 30, 2012

My Monday Run

Finally, finally got out for a run this morning.

I am so happy right now I am about ready to burst.  Running just makes me feel so good, even a short 5 km will keep me smiling for the rest of the day!

Summer is traditionally such a difficult season for me to find the time to run.... we love to cruise on the sailboat and for the first several years we owned her, we would be gone for weeks at a time.  There were often stretches of 2 or 3 days where I never even got off to go to shore or even just to row around whatever little cove or marine park we found ourselves in.  And when I did go ashore, it was often to get some groceries or go on a hike... running was not part of my summer plans.

The past couple of years we have been cruising less, golfing and hiking more, and getting in more running.  The sailing has definitely taken a back seat to our other summer endeavors and although we love it, it is so all-consuming!

So today a 5 km run ... we did our regular neighborhood route in the opposite direction to change things up a bit!  Wow! It seemed so very different and I am not crazy about the couple of long uphill sections... won't be doing that again!

But we finished in 36.5 minutes which is a reasonable time for me at this stage and I made sure we got in a good stretch before we came inside to enjoy a protein smoothie.

W2 R36.5 @11.5/1 W3
stretch 10 minutes

When I walked past the huge mirror in our building lobby on the way in, I realized that I probably looked kinda funny cause I was wearing one long Recovery Sock and one short Fit Sok, but hey, they are both black....

Anyway,  I thought I would show you my running outfit which consists of:

  • Go Girl Sport shirt
  • Handful sports bra (you can't see it but I cannot leave it out!)
  • Reebok shorts
  • Recovery Sock
  • Fit Sok
  • Saucony shoes with Sweat Pink laces
And ask you if you think it looks really silly to just wear one Recovery Sock?  Should I wear the other one even though I don't need it?


  1. I have never worn just one recovery sock...but why not? Runners always look a little funny anyway, but it's all about what's practical! Great job on your 5k today!

  2. The one sock look looks great to me, but I am a runner so I get it:) Way to get your run in!

  3. I love your new header!
    and no it does not look silly!
    I would wear both on longer runs
    I like your pink lace!

  4. So glad running is feeling good to you and you're out enjoying! I say wear whatever sock combo you like. Who cares what looks silly?

  5. Glad you had a good run and have to say, one recovery sock is fine! Wear what works for you!

  6. Sounds like you really needed that run! I love that running top :)

  7. Sounds like you really needed a good run :)

  8. I think you should rock the one sock. Those who don't get it don't need to.

  9. I wear one sock/one sleeve all the time! why bother if the other side isn't bothering me. PLUS I'm a firm believer that it makes you look hardcore ;)

    I love the shirt!!!!!! I may need to get me one of those. I love Handful, as you know. I'm SO pumped about their new products coming out!

  10. Nice run! Allan wears one calf sleeve because he has one calf that's he more prone to get some tightness in.


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