Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Wonderful Wednesday

I had such a great day on Wednesday, I just want to tell you about it... nothing life-altering or out-of-the-ordinary, but just a series of lovely little events.... the simplest things make me happy!

The day started out with a chocolate protein pancake topped with mixed berries and a bit of syrup! I am starting to really embrace this wheat-free lifestyle and the challenge of finding new and better things to eat!

I realized afterward that I forgot to mash a half banana to put in the batter!  So good to know I don't need to do that in case I want to have this again when I don't have any bananas on hand...

At about our normal lunch time we set out for a 5 km run... it didn't start out great as my legs felt heavy (even with my Recovery socks on) but I kept plugging along and ended up really enjoying it.  We ran along the waterfront for part of the way and during the lunch hour, the offleash doggie area is bustling! I managed to get through it without stopping for a pet, not even one!

W2 R37 @10/1 W3

Back at home we drank lots of water and stretched outside on the balcony in the sunshine.

The Captain does love his Tommie Copper tee.

I have my Sweat Pink laces in my Sauconys.  And yes, that IS my favorite Running Divas shirt!

After we had lunch, also outside on the balcony, The Captain checked the strawberry planter and found several beautiful berries, perfectly ripe and ready to eat.

And so eat them we did!  I have never picked and eaten fresh strawberries right off the plant before and was amazed at the flavor and texture of them.... So delicious!

Then we put on our bathing suits and headed to the pool for a couple of hours of easy swimming and lazing in the afternoon sunshine.  Later, after an early dinner we drove up to our marina town to visit the sloop and check on a few things that we need to take care of tomorrow.... but that is another day and another post....

So it was a really great day... nothing special, nothing earth-shaking, but just a series of happy events.  I am just so easy to please!

Did you have a good Wednesday too?

What little things just make a day seem special to you?


  1. Sunshine makes strawberries taste better :) (as does eating them at room temperature. I always take shop bought strawberries out of the fridge for a while before eating - they taste totally different!)

    I had a good Wednesday - my stress levels and tiredness are finally waning! Yummy lamb stew and fresh cherries helped too :)

  2. You and Captain have the life! Fresh strawberries are the best! My grandparents used to have gardens of them all around their house. Glad you had a great day. I love that shirt on you, the color is perfect.

  3. that does look like a very nice day!

  4. Wonderful! It's the little things in life that make me happy, too. Love your strawberries. There are a few strawberry farms around here that you can U-pick at... fresh off the vine berries are amazing!

  5. Nice pancakes! I JUST started incorporating more protein into my diet. I want to get strong ;) and I love that you're growing fresh strawberries on your balcony. So nice! YUM :)

    I think you and the capt are looking great Elle! Hope you enjoyed your long weekend

  6. Glad you had a great day:) Love fresh strawberries!

  7. your day sounds absolutely perfect! and most relaxing:) all my favorite things! a day where i can enjoy a good chapter of a book, bake, play fetch with the pups or smile in the sunshine is a perfect day to me:)

  8. What a nice day! I'm jealous of those strawberries!!

  9. Those strawberries look yummy! My daughter has been asking me to get one of those planters. Maybe next year!

  10. This sounds like a perfect day - and it is so nice to see you and The Captain smiling! Hugs to you both!

    Our strawberries are not doing well this year and I am afraid it is from the intense sun/heat and lack of rain. We do not have a lot of shade (or way to make shade) on our patio.

    I worked/trained on Wednesday so your day looks much better because you at least got to enjoy the sunshine!


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