Monday, July 16, 2012

Off to a Great Running Start

Last week I actively worked on Amanda's 30 Day Ab Challenge.   And I do mean worked.  So far I have not been able to complete even 1 of of the daily video workouts offered, but I am staying with it!

And, because I currently have a membership, I sweated along to Jillian Michael's Ripped in 30 week 1 workout.  If you are a Jillian fan you know how these SHRED style workouts go... a warm up followed by 3 different circuits of 3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio and 1 minute abs, then a cool down.  This first week has a couple of ab moves I cannot do!  Yikes.

But I am going to do the week 2 workouts a couple of times this week and see how it goes.

And I got the week off to a great start yesterday with a nice 5 km run.

My Sweat Pink Laces in my Saucony shoes and my Recovery socks!

I haven't taken the time yet to map any new routes around the neighbhorhood, so we keep running the same 5 km over and over... so I am thankful the views are lovely and the course is relatively flat.

W2 R35.5 @10/1 W3
stretch 10 minutes

At least it is getting a little quicker!  I wore my Recovery socks during the run and kept them on through my cool down and my legs felt great for the rest of the day and into the night.  No cramping at all.

We have a busy week ahead.... with a visit to The Captain's sister on the mainland at the end of the week... will be there for a few days... so really looking forward to that.

Do you have anything special planned this week?

What are you doing for workouts these days?

Running in the heat?  


  1. ELLE! I love your dark sauconys with those pink laces!!! looks so good! im excited that you will get to enjoy some time with family this weekend:) im trying to run outside as much as possible but some weeks are definitely tougher than others with the heat! its nice that you have found a good flat route that you enjoy:) I hope you and the Captain have a wonderful week!

  2. The 30 day ab exercises are HARD!!! I've fallen off the abs challenge wagons bit, but from days 1-9 the most I managed was half the number of reps! And there was a couple of exercises that I could not do at all :(

    Well done on the running :)

    I have an exciting evening planned (currently en route) - will tell all afterwards!

  3. Love the new blog look! You sound like you're "kicking" it with your workouts. This week I will up my long run as I train for half in Sept. Also, I head to Long Beach, Cal to visit my aunt. I enjoy running in her neighborhood.

  4. I am taking it easy these days recovering from my marathon, although I am thinking of doing a HIIT workout this afternoon. LOVE the pink laces!

  5. I am the worst! I haven't done anything for the ab challenge. So sad:( I hiked today with the boys and I hope to ramp up my running mileage starting tomorrow. The RRCA class really motivated me to get my butt in gear:)

  6. I don't mind the heat but the humidity kills me. I'm supposed to run today but I'm still waiting for it to cool's over 40! yikes!!!

    I am addicted to the zwow's, as you know and I'm more focused on what I'm eating these days then what I'm working out ;)

  7. I love Jillian DVDs! Well our temps are over 100 as far as the eye can see so I am holding off a little, I did just 2 miles this morning at 7 and it was 85 degrees out already. If we had lots of shaded routes I would probably be fine but I have to drive about 30 minutes away to do that so we are a bit limited at the moment!

  8. I've got really nice running weather these days and I'm thankful for it. Even if it drizzled at the end of my run today.

    BTW, I love that the "run" picture in your header has you holding a glass of wine :-)


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