Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Was Right, it Has Been a Great Week!

I knew when I got out for a run on Sunday that my week was off to a great start!

Sunday evening we had a lovely dinner with the folks where we spent the winter, house and kitty sitting.  Was great to catch up on their news and see the furry babies too.  The girl kitty especially was really happy to see us and it is no secret to anyone that she actually prefers us!  The boy was very well-behaved which is actually a nice change... he went out before we had appies and didn't come back in till we were playing a dice game after dinner... very nice kitty!

We ran again on Tuesday and I finally mapped us a new route.  It was 6 km and I was happy to finish in 44 minutes.  We followed it up with lots of water, a good stretch and then a nice lunch on our sunny patio.

Wednesday, yesterday, was a great day!  We went out for a sail in the afternoon.  So nice to be out, in light winds and warm temps.... just floating along.  I love that kind of sail.  Makes all the cleanup and put-away so worthwhile.  And then after dinner we walked around the neighborhood and enjoyed the sunshine over the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the view to the Olympic Mountains in WA.

Today we did a bit of shopping and had lunch on the balcony.  I took some pics of my container garden because the strawberries are bursting out and I finally have little tomatoes growing on the vines and the cilantro is at its peak. 



Gonna eat this baby today!

Cherry tomatoes

Regular tomatoes

Tomato plants

Whoever knew I could get so excited about gardening again after so many years of not doing it?

Tomorrow we are heading off-Island to go to Canada for a few days.... well technically we are in Canada, but that is what we call going to the mainland.   The Captain's sister and her husband are having us come visit for an extended 'weekend' and we will also get to see our niece and her man, and their adorable little French Bulldog pup.  I am so especially excited to meet Lewis, the doggy... already know and like the man!  And we will get to see our nephew who has just become a police officer and perhaps his new lady as well. 

And I am really hoping we will get a crack at the Grouse Grind while we are there too... a steep rocky trail up Grouse Mountain, which is just steps away from their house. 

Naturally there will be some shopping involved and lots of good food and laughter.

So, off to get my butt-kicked by Jillian before I shower and pack a few things and then decorate the hostess gifts.

Hope you have a fun weekend planned.

What is the appropriate label for a man with whom you live but are not married to?

'Boyfriend' sounds kinda juvenile and non-committed... and for some reason 'Partner' makes me think of a same-sex love. 'Mate' or 'Lover' seem crude.    'Man' works for me but not sure.. I guess I should ask her how she refers to him!


  1. The gardening is going really well! :) Mine would be better if I spent more time on it and if the weather hafn't been so rubbish here for the last three months!

    I tend to refer to A as my "other half" most of the time. Or by name (I use it enough that people quickly pick up that he's my boyfriend/husband-type).

  2. That is a cute phrase... my other half... I like that!

  3. Your garden looks wonderful:) have a great time n your trip!

  4. That trail sounds challenging.

    Sounds like it has been a great week - I hope the weekend continues to be as great.

    One time when I was dating my now husband, his mom introduced me as his "special friend". I'd highly recommend NOT using that term. ;-)

  5. Nice garden! I have a post scheduled for next week about mine, which is also a container garden. It's so satisfying to get veggies...even though for me, it's like 1 or 3 at a time, not enough for a meal, but still darn great! I am glad that you are enjoying your runs as is your foot!? Better?

  6. Ha ha, I'm the same as you, "partner" makes me think "life partner" which makes me think same sex. I think "the other half" is the way to go - it's the most accurate regardless of marital status!

  7. Significant other? That might be too generic, though.

    Your garden looks fabulous! As I said, the heat is just killing mine. I am glad to see some green in your pictures - everything around here is dry, brown and crunchy.

  8. Glad you had such a good week. Yay for getting things out of your garden!! We only have a few potted plants this year, but it's better than nothing. We've harvested some peppers and herbs so far. Yum!

  9. "live-mate" :) but sometimes people will assume you're a I used to call Colin that. lol

    I have just started growing some herbs and veggies inside.....I'm pretty excited about it :) you are inspiring me!!!!! PS: our running pace is the same now....we could run together....if we didn't have 3 provinces inbtwn ours ;)


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