Tuesday, April 16, 2013

26.2 minutes for #Boston victims and survivors

I came very close to not writing this post today…. I had a hard afternoon of washing and waxing the sailboat with The Captain… the hot sun beating down on my back and I was dressed in clothing more appropriate for cooler, gloomier temps today…. but once I got home I realized I needed to write… needed to get my thoughts down, even if they are hours behind….

Apr 16 Boston Tribute 002

Today I woke up with an ache in my heart and immediately remembered yesterday's events at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Today was already slated to be a cardio day for me and I had planned a run.  But I also knew that if the weather was fine, that we really ought to get up to the marina, about a 45 minute drive away, and get some more Spring cleaning done on the sloop.

When I got up at 7:15 and looked out the window the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the ducks were already pecking at the grass across the street by the lake in the park.  So, I quickly downed a cup of coffee, then a glass of water and changed into my workout gear.  I did 7 minutes of hard core work on two yoga mats, and then made a very lovely and nutritious breakfast, based on the recommendations in the  women’s body building book I have been reading.

The Captain packed us a lunch while I dressed, and I threw my my running gear into a gym bag, choosing the only racing shirt I have… because I had already read on Facebook that today runners across the globe were choosing to wear racing shirts and bibs today in support of the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

We arrived at the marina after an easy drive, and I asked The Captain what his game plan was for the day.  He suggested that I go and get my run done, because he knew I needed to do it and saw no point in delaying it… he would get started with his work and I could join him when I was ready. 

I changed clothes, had a sip of water, and off I went…. I ran for 26.2 minutes remembering the events of the previous 24 hours…. and dedicated each minute:
  1. Waking up to rain on Monday morning and being happy that I could stay home to watch the Marathon on tv instead of heading to the marina to wash the boat.
  2. Being disappointed that I could not find a live internet or tv feed from the Marathon to Canada.
  3. Blog hopping and commiserating with a buddy who was injured and sidelined, who should have been at Boston but was not.
  4. Happy when The Captain found me a Roger’s Sportsnet tv feed that was 3 hours old.
  5. Excited and inspired by the first woman to cross the finish line.
  6. Wonderment that she stopped so suddenly and didn’t keep moving.
  7. Excited by the close men’s finish.
  8. Confusing at seeing a streaming news feed that there was an explosion at the finish line at the Boston Marathon.
  9. Unease as we changed channels to CNN to watch the breaking news that there had been two explosions.
  10. Watching in disbelief as the film footage of the explosions were replayed.
  11. Seeing 4:09 etched in my mind’s eye and my heart forever.
  12. Fear errupted within me when I realized that many of my blogging friends may be in the area.
  13. Sadness watching those filmed scenes replayed over and over on tv and seeing that elderly man falling down, over and over and over.
  14. Gratitude realizing that my blogger buddy who had not been able to go to Boston would be safe at home with her husband and sons.
  15. Wolfing down dinner in front of the tv glued to every new development.
  16. Happiness at seeing that elderly man who had been shown falling down interviewed, and learning he was all right… and impressed that this was his 45th marathon.
  17. Finding solace on Facebook when I realized that people I ‘know’ were posting messages that they were all right and news of others being all right, too.
  18. Elation that all of my ‘friends’ were safe and unharmed.
  19. Sadness, and grief that 3 people lost their lives and that over a hundred were maimed and injured.
  20. Disbelief at the chaos.
  21. Anger at the perpetrator.
  22. Wonderment and respect for all of the emergency personnel and first responders.
  23. Gratitude to the wonderful and generous citizens of Boston who took strangers in need into their homes and hearts.
  24. Love for the global running community who has rallied together in support.
  25. Gratitude that I am part of it.
  26. Tears and joy mixed together as I ran.. such  mixed emotions and finally
…… HOPE ….

I kept running and finished my 4.09 km a few minutes later…. and  as I walked back up the dock to meet The Captain at our sailboat, I looked forward to my stretch, my water and the rest of our day.

He seemed to know why the hug was a bit tighter than usual.


  1. What an inspirational way to pay tribute. What an awful tragedy but I am inspired by the running community that we are all part of...

  2. Beautiful way to honor the fallen Elle. So many emotions. Wishing peace and healing to all.

  3. Love this Elle. So glad you were able to get your run in:)

  4. this post is perfect and beautiful in every way. you detailed the mixed emotions of the day so perfectly. thank you for sharing this with us.

  5. I am glad that you did the run, and that you wrote about it, and that there is always hope!

  6. This post brings tears to my eyes, Elle because it is beautifully written and well-said. I am so happy to know you and The Captain through this running community of ours. Thanks for writing such a heartfelt post.


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