Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another Reason We Love Tommie Copper

I think that sometimes thing were just meant to be!  Does that ever happen to you?

A few weeks ago, The Captain won a prize for participating in a virtual event at Running With Spatulas.  He participated with me in the 5 km run, the 10km walk and we also submitted a photo of  him.    When Ali emailed us with the news that he had won a $50 Tommie Copper gift certificate, we were both very happy.

To say that we love Tommie Copper in this household is an understatement!

The Captain selected to get himself a new short-sleeved compression tee… he has a black one that he runs in regularly cause it keeps his back toasty warm, and so this time he chose a lovely cobalt blue.

And its arrival on Wednesday this past week was very timely.

After my boot camp workout and breakfast on Wednesday morning, I packed a lunch for The Captain and he went off to spend the day waxing and polishing the fibreglass deck and the rub rails on our sloop.  I felt a bit guilty watching him drive off, as I was secretly quite happy not to be going. It is hard physical work, this boat detailing, and I actually hate it don’t like it a whole lot.

But I had a very good reason.  The day before, we had arrived home from a shopping outing, to find a notice taped to our mailbox about a missed parcel delivery. The note said that they would attempt delivery again on Wednesday, and I didn’t want to miss it again by spending the day on the boat.

So not only did that parcel arrive, but The Captain’s package from Tommie Copper was delivered too.  Very good thing that I had stayed home, right?

When he got home at about 4 p.m. he was bushed.  He had a nice long hot shower and when he got settled with a drink  I surprised him him his parcel.   That brightened up his day very considerably.  And he was really happy with his color choice.

We spent a lazy eveing in front of the TV and his back was stiffening up and his shoulders were sore from the day’s efforts.  So, when we were getting ready to turn in for the night, I suggested he sleep in his new Tommie Copper shirt.  I reminded him about how well the copper infused fabric works to warm his muscles and encourages blood flow, and how good that feels…and how snuggly warm he would feel in it so he agreed to try it.

In the morning he said his back and shoulder felt quite a bit better - not nearly as stiff and sore… so he decided for himself to sleep in the shirt again on  Thursday night.  Friday morning he woke up feeling pretty much back to normal.  Of course the rest itself helped soothe the aching muscles and joints… but we have no doubt that the Tommie Copper shirt played a huge part in helping the process.  And I kinda liked snuggling up against the luxurious soft fabric too!

Apr 27 Rod TC 003

So, big thanks to Tommie Copper for being one of the sponsors of Ali’s virtual event this year and to Ali herself for all of the love and work that she puts into it.

I hope you follow Running With Spatulas.

Are you a Tommie Copper fan too? What is your favorite garment?


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