Saturday, April 6, 2013

Guilt-Free Chips... Make 'Em Yourself

Do you ever crave a salty, crunchy snack?

Do you love potato chips but feel guilty about eating them?

Here are some ways you can still get that crunchy, crispy chip texture, and salty flavor, without the guilt!
I have been asked several times over the past few weeks about the different veggie chips that I make and talk about, so I decided to get organized and share them with you.

I cannot take credit for these ideas, though, so I am going to post links to the original recipes and instructions…. I just really want to share them with you here.

The very easiest are these Eggplant Chips. I like to slice them just under 1/4 inch thick and then bake them.  Spritz them with a bit of olive oil and salt before baking.  They are really easy and very good!  The dark spots on the baked chips are where I sliced them a bit thin but they are still tasty, they just don’t LOOK as good.  I know there is a pesto dip recipe there too, which I plan to try after my cilantro grows a bit more!

Mar 23 eggplant chips 001

Mar 23 eggplant chips 002

Mar 23 eggplant chips 003

Mar 23 eggplant chips 004

I make Sweet Potato Chips the same way.  I don’t have a mandolin slicer, so I get The Captain to use his more-developed-than-mine patience muscle to slice through the thick sweet potatoes.  The key is get thin and uniform-in-thickness slices. I find that about 1/8 inch is best. That way you still get a nice thick chip, but it is crispy and crunchy.  And yes, I do leave the peel on them.
If you can manage to leave them alone till they cool somewhat, they are even tastier.  I just took a batch out of the oven and am writing this post to keep myself occupied while they cool!  Sometimes I have them with ketchup…Mmmmmm.

Apr 6 Sweet Potato Chips 002

Apr 6 Sweet Potato Chips 003

Apr 6 Sweet Potato Chips 005

Apr 6 Sweet Potato Chips 004

Now, I have to admit that Gabby’s Carrot Chips are somewhat fiddly, and they don’t yield a lot, but they are really tasty so if you have some time and patience, give them a try.  The addition of the cinnamon works!

Feb 8 Carrot Chips 003

Feb 8 Carrot Chips 004

Feb 8 Carrot Chips 006

Oh, I almost forgot one of my very favorites... Kale Chips!  And yes, I do eat them with ketchup... which I make and the recipe is on my food blog too.

April 16th Kale Chips 011

I make them quite often... usually just spritz the washed and dried kale leaves with a bit of olive oil and sprinkle them with salt and then bake for 15 minutes at 350F.  Parmesan cheese sprinkled on them before baking is good if you eat it and I have heard that nooch (nutritional yeast flakes) is tasty  but I haven't tried that yet.  

About a year and half ago, I picked up a little microwave crisper for veggies, and did a post about it on my food blog We can begin to feed…   It makes truly awesome veggie chips so if you have access to one of these inexpensive little devices, you can make your chips in a couple of minutes in the mike and completely fat free, if that appeals to you. 

It did come with a small mandolin that would be good for small veggies.

The crisper is especially great for potatoes and sweet potatoes but I also made zuke chips with it and they turned out really well.

Sept18,11zukechips 002

I know that Kierston, who writes CaNdyFiT, also has a microwave crisper… a different one than I have, and everytime I walk by the display in the store, I think I should have one!  As a matter of fact, last year she did a review/giveaway about the time I first started reading her blog and it looks great. Have a look if you are wanting a device to make chips in your mike.

There are a couple of other good looking chip recipes out there that I want to try… Gina’s Butternut Squash Chips look wonderful… she boils them before she bakes them... and I have heard that Beet Chips are lovely too.

These veggie chips make good snacks and side dishes… and they are gluten-free, paleo, vegan, Whole30 friendly… use healthy oils, have tons of vitamins and antioxidants and are truly delicious.

What more could you want?

Oh, and for those of you who do eat good ole white potatoes, of course we know those make splendid chips, too!

Do you make your own chips?  What veggie is your favorite?


  1. I've never tried any of these before, but I have made apple chips a couple times and they are delicious!! :)
    I'm gonna have to try a couple of these! :)
    BTW, linked you up on my "Foodie Friday Link-up" Post! :)

  2. These are ALL staples in my kitchen, LOVE the butternut and eggplant chips BEST :D Makes me want to dig into my stash RIGHT NOW ;)

  3. No slicer or microwave thing or dehydrator so I do none of these - just microwave & eat my veggies with spice and/or TJs hot/sweet mustard! :)

  4. Oh, Yum! I SOOO need to try this! thanks for sharing this! :)

  5. These chips are making my mouth water!! I made a batch of kale chips today but they were way too salty, that I had to pitch them out :( Paleo beginner fail :) hah

  6. I've also made them in my dehydrator :) You've reminded me that I have to make them again!

  7. You just made me so happy! My mom got me a mandolin slicer for my birthday randomly and I had no idea what to use it I have lots o' ideas :) Thanks!

  8. I LOVE sweet potato chips, but my problem has always been that it takes FOREVER to pan-fry them. I do them in coconut oil and like them crispy. This method may solve my impatience problem if I can just pop them in the oven without having to sit watch them, and eliminate the need to make one batch at a time that will fit in a pan..

  9. We make homemade chips all the time--love it! We also make chips from tortillas. Yum!

  10. I have never tried to make homemade chips but I am trying those sweet potato chips for sure! Thanks for the recipe:)

  11. Yum! Those all look great! My favorite chip is probably green bean chips! They are so addicting!


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