Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Seeing Results and Staying Focussed at Best Body Boot Camp

I have just finished breakfast and my arms and legs are still shaky from my first-thing-in-the-morning workout.  I have come to really love getting my sweat on first thing and then sitting down to well-earned and delicious brekkie.

I have to say I do love this feeling because it makes me think I know that the effort I am putting in is doing me some good. 

I like to tell myself I can FEEL my muscles growing…

It’s week #4 of Best Body Boot Camp and I am pleased to report that I have not lost any enthusiasm for this venture at all.  That surprises me, and makes me happy, and  I know it is because there is so much variety.


The way that Tina structures the workouts keeps them interesting and challenging and that is so important, not only physically, but mentally, too.  I am fickle, I know… I get bored pretty easily and then I want to try the next newest thing and that is why I pretty much have had limited results in my quest for muscles over the years.  I work at it, but I haven't ever followed a set program before.

Tina has obviously taken the need for variety into consideration when designing her routines.

Every two weeks she chooses a new goal.  And she assigns exercises to help us focus on that goal.  We are given 3 new routines to do the first week and repeat the second week.  And then we leave them behind and start a new two-week cycle with a new set of routines.   And she also includes links to demos of the individual exercises and offers ideas and suggestions for the cardio she assigns as well.  I really like that I am able to fit some running and power walking into the whole mix.

I am learning so many new exercises.  And I am enjoying seeing myself make real progress in my strength and flexibility and range of motion, too.  Today I noticed that my squats are getting deeper… not ‘ass to the grass’ at this point, but definitely parallel to the ground which is big improvement for me.

And I have started doing my exercises in front of the glass doors on the curio cabinet in our living room so that I can see my muscles moving and working as I lift and lower my dumbbells.  I love the way my arms and shoulders are shaping up.  And today at breakfast, I rested my hand on my thigh and noticed that there is real definition and bulk in my quads.  Wahoooo!  I am coming out of the closet as a narcissist.

I am not to the point where I am flexing my muscles and making scary faces at myself in the mirror yet, but hey, who knows... maybe one day...

I am so excited about all of this.  And I have honestly come to love the harder exercises because I know they are the ones that are doing me the most good.  I mean, I am even doing burpees when they aren’t even part of the routine, just because I can.

Which reminds me of a little story I want to share… there is a lovely park across the side street from our building which I can see from our dining room window. During the school day it is restricted to use by the young pupils at the school on the other side of the park, but on weekends and evenings, it is often used by people training their dogs, and by young guys playing ball hockey on the basketball court there.

Sunday afternoon I looked out and there was a young Mom, doing her workout on the lawn.  She was doing burpees, and walkout pushups and some plyo lunges .  There was a baby in a stroller nearby, and also a very little girl who was cheering her Momma on and doing her own little jumps and moves. It was so neat to see that and I was so happy for them… they were having a PLAYout together.

Are you lifting weights?  Or doing body weight workouts?

Who inspires you to move?


  1. Oh you know I love lifting weights :)

    Happy to hear how much you are enjoying your program!

  2. So glad you are still loving this:) I do Bodypump once and week and try to do weights at home at least once a week:) Reading fitness blogs help keep me motivated to keep on moving;)

  3. Im so glad youre enjoying the program!! Ive seen her advertise, but never actually tried it!
    I love to life weights. But, since Im not at the gym, Ive kinda given it up!! I do have free weights, but just havent gotten the umpppp, to do it!

  4. I'm so glad you're liking Tina's boot camp! Weight lifting is so rewarding, as the results are visable. And Tina just rocks. :)

  5. You know I love this being a lifter & lover of muscle! :)

  6. Yay! I'm so glad you're loving BBB. Tina puts together a great program.

    I love that you saw a mom getting in her workout with her kids. Awesome.

  7. I am glad you are enjoying your bootcamp. I love that shaky arm feeling when you know you've really worked those puppies. And good for that mom getting out with the kids! I am all for getting your kids used to seeing an active mommy!


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