Monday, June 30, 2014

Ah, June

I started the month of June, with good intentions of spending as much time as possible outside and my mantra for the month has been Take it Outside.  In spite of having a lingering cold with sniffly nose, I have managed to really enjoy the fabulous sunny and warm weather we have had.

I have been walking and running and having coffee dates, lunches, and even the occasional breakfast outside.  Fabulous!  I do think that the sunshine puts me in a great mind frame and also energizes me.  I have not given up hope of getting in some more tennis and golf and swimming as the Summer progresses.

So… some new things for me in June… some good:

I have started a new exercise program called Metabolic Aftershock.  It is a series of 15 minute bodyweight exercises, and we have been doing them about an hour after breakfast, and then following them up with a half hour brisk walk.  I am really loving this program because I can feel the heat for several hours after the workout is over, and I am also energized for the rest of the day.   When I was doing 40 – 50 minute strength workouts with weights, I was tired out and didn’t feel like doing much more.  And, it is only 3 sessions per week so doesn't really even take a lot of time.

We are making some plans for a couple of little getaways – one at the end of July for The Captain’s birthday – we have planned a week in Portland, OR. I am quite excited as I have never been there and it has been many many years since he was last there.  We will drive, and have an opportunity for a few hours visit with an old friend in WA on the way home.    The other may happen at the beginning of September.  We have friends who live in Greeley, CO and they have been inviting us to come visit for years… and we have decided that it is high time we took them up on their offer to host us and show us around Colorado.

We just had a nice visit with them on their 68 foot Queenship on Friday evening as they were over from Anacortes, WA. with some guests.  They are folks we met when we were all new boaters in 2002, and have kept in contact with over the years, and see each other when they are in the area.   We will likely fly to Denver…. this is is all still tentative but in the works… very excited!

I finally got a hair cut that I really love…

Haircut June 2014

And on the not-so-good front… some confessions to make here, hanging my head in shame:

I have made some really poor food choices this month… ice cream? Really?  I don’t really even care for it so it must be the SUGAR MONSTER rearing it’s ugly head. 

And since I have not been strength training regularly I have lost some muscle size and strength, and gotten a bit soft around the belly.

But I have plans in the works to turn that all around in July!  Actually I am starting today!

How did you fare in the month of June?

Any plans for a Summer getaway?


  1. When you visit Greeley, make sure you head west to the mountains! Sounds like a fun few months :)

  2. I hope you and The Captain enjoy your getaway to celebrate his birthday! June has been a tough month for me since I've only spent half of it at home. It's been hectic!

  3. I'd be interested in trying Metabolic Aftershock. It seems like a good way to transition back into strength training. I have completely fell off the strength training wagon and I know I need to get back to it. Thanks!

  4. LOVE your hair & that you always try new things!!!

  5. The new hair do is so perfect on you. Colorado is a great place to visit, lots to do. My sisters both lived in the Greeley area for a couple of years.

  6. Gorgeous new hairdo! Your new workout sounds great too. My June featured reduced running but increased strength, so all good!

  7. Gorgeous new hairdo! Your new workout sounds good too. My June featured less running but more strength so all good!


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