Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Catch-up and Some Faves and Raves

While I am doing my best to get outside every day this week to exercise, it has been somewhat of a challenge.  I have at least walked outside every day, visiting the Government House gardens, a local kite festival, gone on some Starbuck’s outings, and I have done some running, too… but didn’t get in a tennis game or a swim as I had hoped.  Sometimes life just gets in the way!  especially work!

But I had a good week overall. 

On Tuesday morning we walked to a nearby Starbuck's... I was determined to enjoy my birthday reward before it expired.  I put my card in my pocket, and off we went.  I walked up to the barista, handed him my card and told him I thought I had a birthday reward to claim.  He just looked at me, blankly. I looked down at the card in my hand and realized it was a local food market's loyalty card, not my Starbucks' card at all!   Thankfully The Captain was there to buy me a skinny latte and ease my embarrassment somewhat.

But this morning we did walk downtown to do some errands and I claimed that birthday reward, and picked up a lovely and gooey peanut butter cookie for The Captain too.  We sat in the morning sunshine and watched the world walk by. I love doing that and have decided that this particular location is actually quite good early in the day.  Most of them here are really not very good. They are either too shady or quite shabby.

My own hairdresser is back to work part time after having had a baby in December.  Yes, in Canada, new Moms can take a full year’s maternity leave if they like, but thankfully she was ready to come back to work and I was more than ready to visit her. I had my hair cut in February by someone else and although I kind of liked it, I knew immediately that I wouldn't go back to that stylist again.   Now, I have an edgy short new haircut which I still haven’t taken pictures of, but I am thrilled with it.

I have been really loving these d’vida smoothie mixes. Watch for a review and giveaway at the beginning of next week.

May 16 Davida 001

I am still running (and carrying my cell phone) in these Fit Plus Wear Sound Solutions running capris.  Check out my review and see if they might be for you, too.

May 27 pants 005

I scored some lovely new pieces of NON-fitness clothing this week.  The Captain and I went shopping on Tuesday afternoon.  I don’t normally have enough patience to look through racks and racks and try things on, but I found a cute jacket, a long skirt and a long dress, that can all dress up to go to work or down for casual outings.  And when I went to pay for them, they were all on sale for less than the marked prices.  Gotta love that.    So I went to work on Thursday with a new hair style and a new outfit and I felt great.

I have to admit I have been struggling a bit with getting back on the Clean Eats wagon after my birthday week.  I seem to be into the almond butter and nuts too much so today I put the almond butter in the back of the fridge, and the almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, walnuts, and raisins in a container in the back of the cupboard.  I need to regain some control here!    The Captain grocery shopped yesterday while I was at work so the fridge is full of freggies and now there is no excuse not to make better choices.  And I am working on portion control too.  Today my lunch salad was a good size, but honestly not as big as it usually is, and I was satisfied and happy.

June 6 lunch 002
Mixed greens, slivered cabbage and onions, cucumbers, mushrooms, dressed with sundried tomatoes and olive oil, topped with white albacore tuna and guacamole.  Mmmmm.

I am thoroughly enjoying the French Open Tennis Tournament this year.  Now that Eugenie Bouchard is out (our lovely young Canadian phenom) I don't care who wins the ladies' final but I will be up early on Sunday watching Rafa and cheering him on to a victory (I hope) in the men's.    I love our new HDPVR.

And I am thoroughly looking forward to the 2nd episode of Crossbones tonight.   Are you watching?  It is even bloodier than Vikings, I think, and the storyline is very intriguing.

I read some great blog posts this week and here are the links in case you missed any of them:

Do you have trouble eating well again after you have had some indulgences?

Do you have a favorite TV show?


  1. We need pics of the new hair!!

  2. I'll watch whatever is on Netflix (we don't have a real TV)! And yes, I totally have issues if I let myself indulge too much. Also, if I don't take the time to make really tasty GOOD food...the unhealthy stuff is a lot more appealing. Sometimes I just have to compromise a little with a store bought salad dressing or extra butter to help the medicine go down...kind of like transitioning back into healthier meals.

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one who does crazy things at S'bucks!
    Bachelorette for me these days. My fix of junk TV.

  4. One reason I don't like going on vacation is because I indulge and can never seem to get back on track.

  5. One reason I don't go on vacation because I can never get back on track after I get back.

  6. What a wonderful week & the cookie!!! :)

    WOW on the maternity leave there!!!

    I get the nut butters & nuts/seeds - love them!!! :)

  7. It's so hard to get back on track after an indulgent time. Good for you for putting the trigger foods away. Great blog post recommendations, I missed some of those.


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