Sunday, June 1, 2014

Rolling Out June

What an exciting May I had this year… it is always a fun time for me 'cause May is my birthday month, but the focus on the new was an added bonus.

We tried some new restaurants, some new running routes, some new foods, along with some new combinations and recipes, and some new food products.  I also tried some new fitness gear,  started following some new blogs and found out about some new health issues.  [sigh]… never a dull moment around here!

It took some serious thought to come up with a theme for the month of June… I intend to keep adding new experiences to the mix, but it is time to move on.  I had thought about going with a clean eating theme because June is Nations Fruits and Vegetables month in Canada… or getting back to basics on my food plan because I did gain a couple of pounds in May and I need to get on that.  But, I have decided to stay away from the EAT aspect of this blog, in favor of the FITNESS aspect… and have decided to TAKE IT OUTSIDE during the month of June.

We are supposed to have an especially warm Summer season here in the Pacific Northwest… like the ones we enjoyed the first couple of years we cruised here in our sloop.  We really thought it never rained here because the first 2 Summers we were here, it only rained on the Sundays of long weekends in July and August.  Hah!  Little did we know... but  if the weatherman is promising hot and dry... bring it on!

The darkest tan I have ever had was in the Summer of 2002 – our first cruising season.  Oh yeah, and the blondest hair too. Haha!

I love to be outdoors in the warm and sunny weather.  It never gets too hot here with the moist breezes coming up off the water, and most days are perfect for outdoor activities.  June is often our nicest month, and the days certainly have the most hours of sunshine… so TAKE IT OUTSIDE is what I plan to do.

I started the month off right with a 3.35 km run before breakfast this morning…  in a new pair of Mizuno Wave Creation 14s that I won in a giveaway last Fall and have been saving for just the right day!  They are awesome… fit like a glove and I have to say I ran a bit faster than normal today. The shoes?  Perhaps… but definitely the enthusiasm.  And don’t they look snazzy with these Swiftwick socks?

June 1 Mizuno shoes 002

I would like to have gone further but my right knee has been a bit cranky since playing singles tennis for an hour earlier in the week and I didn’t want to push the issue.  And I knew that The Captain wanted to head back up to Government House today, to enjoy some of the gardens that were coming into bloom.

Which we did, after lunch. We walked almost 2-1/2 hours… up to the grounds, around the gardens, and then home.

June 1 2014 Government House 022
Peonies that open as peach and then turn white. Lovely but no fragrance.

And now I am going to enjoy loafing for the rest of the day.  Dinner is almost made, in the crock pot.  And there might be a glass of red wine waiting for me, too.

What have you got on the agenda for June?

Do you like to take your workouts outdoors when you can, too?


  1. I have such a SLAMMMMMMED summer in a way Id not anticipated.
    my june and july theme is BREATHE :-0

  2. Absolutely! I love workouts outside. My workouts rarely get done indoors because I usually get side tracked with other stuff that needs to be done!

  3. I wish I took more outside but it is such a crowded place here & so many cars that I just don't.... I do on the weekend though.

  4. I have never seen that color combo on the Wave Creations. I love that!

  5. Those kicks are calling to me!!!! And happy May birthday - June is my birthday month! :)


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