Friday, June 20, 2014

June Focus Update and Friday Faves and Raves

During the month of June, my intention is to Take it Outside.  I am doing pretty well with spending as much time as I can outdoors, in spite of the fact that I have had the sniffles and a cough off and on all week  long.  I have not played any tennis or golf as I had hoped, but am walking and running, and also enjoying some lunches and coffee dates in the sunshine so I am very happy about that.

I am trying to gradually increase my running distance again, without suffering painful and annoying cramps in my legs and feet.  So far, adding an electrolyte drink and more water to my pre-run and recovery routines seems to be helping enormously.  And yes, I am using my Tommie Copper gear a lot, too.  Honestly, this special copper infused fabric just makes my body feel warm, and the support offered by the compression is marvelous.  

I did a 6 km run on Sunday and then a 5 km run on Wednesday… and so far so good in keeping the cramps at bay.

After my 5 km run on Wednesday, I delayed my shower for several hours just so I could keep these Tommmie Copper tights on longer…(little confession)  in the afternoon when I went out to run some errands I just put a little skirt on over them and off I went.  I need some in black now, I think.

June 18 TC run 003

And you know I am loving these Mizuno shoes too, now that I am getting more used to them. They are much lighter than the previous incarnation and I wasn’t sure they were sturdy enough at first.   And yes, I do need some new running glasses… these old Oakleys are very effective but look ridiculous, I know. 

The week has just whizzed by me… I have been spending lots of time planning a week long getaway at the end of July for The Captain’s birthday.   And I have been doing lots of cooking and food prep, too.  I found some red peppers on sale and so roasted a batch… mmmmm.

June 17 Roasted Red Peppers 001

June 17 Roasted Red Peppers2 001

I found some really good posts this week… here are some of my favorites:

It’s based on almond flour and looks awesome…. definitely going to try it
Some things to think about when selecting shoes for running and walking
Some thoughts about obsession and comparing yourself to others
Other than wall sits, which I never see the the value in doing, these are good body weight exercises
Really good explanation of what bracing the core is and why it’s important
Some tasty ideas for flavoring drinking water
Some thoughts about sleep routines
Tasty recipe and some information about inflammation
Mostly common sense but hey, we can all use a reminder now and then

What do you think about wall sits?  Yay or nay? 

How do you prepare for a run?  Any special fuel or supplements?


  1. Mmmm roasted red peppers are so good! Thanks for all the great links!

  2. Those roasted red peppers look divine!

  3. I like wall sits especially when I making others do them;)

  4. wow those tommie copper tights do look awesome! and i'm not so much a fan of wall sits... i am, however, a big fan of cocogo - itz packets of dried coconut water with natural fruit flavors! perfect hydration to add to water!

  5. Have a fun getaway with the captain! Hope ya'll do something fun!

  6. I like a little wall sitting every now and then. Isometric contractions are a great way to work through plateaus!
    I've never roasted red peppers; I'm afraid of burning them!
    Have a great weekend Elle!

  7. I love a good wall sit...alas I rarely do them. Yummy peppers!

  8. A friend is trying to talk me into compression shorts. Maybe I will give them a try! About fueling, I don't generally need anything other than water for runs under an hour. Unless you eat a very low calorie diet (or have other things going on), I'm a little worried about it as a solution for your cramping, too. Do you use a foam roller? I was a foam roller denier for a long time, but it has become my saving grace, as I've had super tight calves all year this year, even affecting my heels.

  9. I too saw that cookie dough and got really excited because it looks delicious and is GF.

  10. I haven't roasted peppers in so long, as a matter of fact, I haven't even had a pepper in a long time - I hate that they are so expensive :(

  11. I do love some Tommie Copper! The compression shorts are my favorite. I have them in black but I think I need to order another pair!


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