Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th… A Good Day for Faves and Raves

I have been spending as much time as I can outdoors this week… running a couple of times, walking EVERY day and also sitting out on the balcony in the sunshine with coffee, or reading.  It is so beautiful here right now and I love to be outside.  Don’t you think that sunshine and fresh air make you just feel perkier and happier?

I had the sniffles and a sore throat for a few days this week so didn’t over-do in the exercise area.  I didn’t want to get too run down and be miserable at work on Thursday and Saturday so I kept the runs short and didn’t play tennis at all.  But I am feeling very much better today so hopefully the worst is behind me now.  I gargled with warm salt water a few times and it seemed to really soothe my throat. Do you do that, too?

A few things from the week…

For years now I have started my day with either lime juice and water, or lemon juice and water, and lately I started putting mixing my Fermented L-Glutamine into it.  That way I know I get it every day and there is no taste at all, only a bit of cloudiness.

June 13 lemon water and glutamine 001

I had my haircut last Wednesday in a more ‘me’ short style.   I had been wearing my hair short in a variety of cuts and colors all the time were living and cruising on our sailboat, and only decided to grow it long again after we moved ashore 2 years ago… but it got a little overwhelming and time-consuming to take care of it.  It had to go… and I am pleased with the results.  So quick and easy.

Haircut June 2014

It is strawberry season here and I cannot get enough of them!  Appie skewers with fresh pineapple, mixed with yogurt,  and on my pancakes, too.  Are you a fan?

June 8 appies 001

June 11 yogurt and strawberries breakfast 001

June 13 pancakes 002

On Tuesday I picked up some Healthy Choice frozen bars at Costco.  I know, I know… I should be making my own, and I will… but these called my name from the freezer aisle so I didn’t resist.  They are darned good, too.  Have you tried them?

June 13 Healthy Choice 001

I have one little rant today…. why oh why do some people think it is a good idea to tie their dog’s full ‘poop bag’ to their dog’s leash or collar?  I think it is just a horrible thing to do to the dog.  Great that they pick up… but really, can’t they just carry it a ways till they find a garbage can?  Does this irritate you as well?

I found come great blog posts and articles this week… check them out:
Honestly, I don’t this is age-specific at all.  A good read for everyone.
I am doing some form of these – are you?
A good reminder to get in your magnesium on a daily basis.
Really good tips for seeing your way through any long term commitment.
I think these are good exercises… I just need to get the hang of my resistance band.
Do you sense a theme here?  I have vacation on my mind obviously.
For grins!  Have a look!
I am supplementing with Fermented L-Glutamine daily… this article has some really good information about it.
Awesome recipe. Check this one out for sure!

And don't forget about my d'vida pre-made smoothie mix giveaway

What’s making you happy this week?


  1. I love your hair! And those fruit skewers look amazing.

  2. Ah thanks... always a bit shy about posting these personal things. The skewers were awesome. A spur of the moment thing. I think they would be good with all kinds of fruits and perhaps a bit of cheese. What d'ya think?

  3. Your hair looks great, I love it! Thanks for some great links also I will be checking those out :)

  4. Ok, haha I tie my dogs EMPTY bag to the leash and cross my fingers that I don't have to use it when we go on our walks. I would never think to tie the full bag on it. Your hair looks lovely!

  5. LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strawberries too - :) YUM!!!


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