Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Fit Plus Wear Sound Solutions Capris Review

Don’t we all love to try out new workout gear?  That is especially true for me when the garment has something unique or special to offer… And these Fit Plus Wear Sound Solutions running capris fit that description very nicely.   So I was eager to give them a look and was happy to receive a pair to try out and review.

So just what is unique about the Fit Plus Wear Sound Solutions Capris ?  Well, They have a flat pocket on the right hip that is just the right size to hold a cell phone.  No need to wear a belt or an arm band to carry your phone anymore.

May 27 pants 001

I have been reading more and more blog posts and newspaper articles over the past several months about runners encountering dangerous situations.  Sometimes they are attacked, or grabbed,  or even kidnapped and murdered..  They may be hit by cars, or fall and twist an ankle.   They might have a seizure… or perhaps they come upon someone else who is injured and needs help.

I would imagine that there are very few of us these days who do not own a cell phone, but I wonder how many of us run with it on a regular basis?

I am guilty of not taking my phone along when I run.  I normally run with my husband and so I have incorrectly surmised that I don’t need to have the cell phone with me.  I don’t care to wear a belt or water pack and I don’t have an arm band with a pocket, so I don’t really have anyplace to carry my phone.

Now, I no longer have that excuse.

The pocket on the right hip of these Fit Plus Wear Sound Solutions Capris is large enough to hold any cell phone.  And it is a nice flat, inner pocket, with a flap that closes over on the inside as well. Very convenient, and surprisingly comfortable.  I was kind of sceptical at first… but it’s true!  It is large enough to hold some money, or cards, and even a key, along with your phone.  Which makes them a great pair of running pants to take along when you travel, as well… hotel room key, money, phone, and off you go.

May 27 pants 005

May 27 pants 003
The pocket inside and the flap that covers it.

May 27 pants 004
My Blackberry is quite a bit smaller than any Android phone so you can see how room this pocket is.

The Fit Plus Wear Sound Solutions Capris are made of a lovely, nicely weighted, soft fabric with flat non-chafe seams.  I was pleasantly surprised at how comfy they are and how well they moved with me. I did not rush to get them off  before stretching like I do with many of the capris that I normally wear to run. These capris are my new favorite workout pants and  I may just run in them all Summer instead of switching to shorts. 

If you are interested in the Fit Plus Wear Sound Solutions Capris, check the out at www.fitpluswear.com and enjoy a 20% price reduction with the discount code 2HE90CGR5Y4U – a great deal!

I was given these capris to try and review, and the opinions and enthusiasm expressed are honest unsolicited.

Do you carry your cell phone when you run?


  1. They sound and look amazing. I am always looking for ways to avoid having to bring my SpiBelt.

  2. This is awesome! I love to see more brands putting in hip pockets on pants for phones.

  3. they're so cute! what a great idea!!! I went for a run this morning and the thought crossed my mind..."Do I need to grab my running belt, so I can take along my phone?" and it seemed too much of a hassle, so I left my phone at home. Good thing I didn't need it, but this is great AND convenient!


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