Sunday, January 4, 2015

Ah, Reflections and Plans

l really love Sundays. 

Sunday is my favorite day of the week.  It always starts out slow and relaxed… jammies and coffee and email and puzzles.  The Captain reads his papers.  We chat idly and comment on people and pooches walking past our windows.

Then, after a leisurely breakfast,  I look back at the previous week to think about how it went… what I liked, what I didn’t, and what I might have done differently... even what I might want to do again. This is a relatively new exercise for me as I have always had a tendency to just discard the past and look forward, but I have come to realize that I actually can learn from past actions and decisions if I let myself.

I started out the New Year last Sunday with with some some definite goals.  I planned to track my eats on my Weight Watchers mobile app, and to follow an exercise/workout schedule that I mapped out, using some videos from an online service I am trying out called Gigabody.  And I am happy to report that I followed through on both.

  • full body strength workout
  • after dinner brisk 35 minute walk
  • lower body workout followed by a brisk 35 minute walk
  • 5 km run followed by a 5 minute stretch
  • upper body workout followed by 20 minutes of yoga/stretching
  • brisk 45 minute walk

All in all a pretty good week to start the New Year!

A couple of pictures to share:

2015-01-01 11.21.06

I put on my brightest gear to head out on New Year’s Day for our 5 km run.  Bright pink socks and capris and blue running shoes and tee.  It was my way of celebrating because I was happy to be runnning 5 km… it had been many months since I ran that far.

Jan 1 205 NY dinner 004

Our first dinner of the New Year was a seafood feast.  We cooked lobster tails and prawns, and I made a crab dip as well. I do so miss all of the fresh crab we used to catch almost daily when we lived on the sailboat.  Mmmmm.

Now I am going to to move on to making plans for the upcoming week.  I need to juggle my work schedule with our social calendar and then pencil in workouts and runs. And check the weather report too!

And I am also excited for Laura’s 21 Day January Reset Challenge, which officially starts tomorrow… but for me it starts today.  Sunday, of course!  I am quite excited to to take part in this new challenge and join in the FB group that Laura as set up as well.  I like the accountability of the group and know this 'detox' will be good for me.

Time to get  moving…

What went well for you last week?

What are you excited about this coming week?


  1. Sunday is definitely a day I love! I wake up early and enjoy a cup of coffee while planning out my week. :)

  2. (((covet your shoes covet your shoes)))

  3. Looks like you had a busy, productive week! I'm looking forward to finally catching up post-holidays this week!

  4. Cute color on the shoes! I'm doing the reset too so look forward to connecting with you over there. I'm excited about re focusing on cleaner eating this week.

  5. As a pro, I am very picky about recommending other pros. And I say with full confidence that you are in GREAT hands with Tamara - FitKnitChick. She definitely knows her stuff.

  6. We cooked lobster tails on NYE too and they were divine! Sounds like your New Year is off to an excellent start. Enjoy the reset.

  7. I love me a good pair of bright pink socks. I can run forever wearing them ;)

    I'm happy we're in the New Year and all the temptations of the holidays are behind me. Time to get back to a regular routine!

  8. This week I am excited about finally jumping in to my spring marathon training plan ... focusing on strength, speed, and endurance. LOL Making sure that each workout/run has a purpose. No fluff workouts.

  9. Cannot wait to hear about the reset!!

  10. Hmm, I don't tend to reflect weekly. More like yearly, lol. Last week I rocked at work-blog stuff, but not so much the intentional workouts. I do so much better on a plan or program!

  11. I grew up with Sunday being sacred as well. A time for a slow rise and family time. This post really put my mind at ease as I really want to get back to Sunday being sacred!

  12. Wow I guess your husband really is a captain. You lived on a boat? That is sooo cool and I want a bit of that lobster. You had a very active week - GO YOU!!!

  13. Love the socks! And the seafood meal. So jealous. I like the idea of looking back on the week.

  14. Good luck with your reset challenge with Laura! I have heard such great things! Your seafood feast looks amazing. I am a huge fan of Lobster!

  15. That is a great way to start off the new year!! I love that you take the time on Sundays to reassess your past week. That's such a great practice.

  16. Sounds like a great week of activity! Way to Go! That lobster looked delicious. I am finally getting back in to a workout swing and back on track with my eating too.

  17. Love your seafood feast, it looks amazing!!!! Great job on a great week! Last week was okay for me, this week will be better!

  18. Ahhh, nothing like a jammie Sunday. Every other Sunday I teach a Step class, which I love. On the alternating Sundays I either hit garage sales or jammie laden soccer game tv watching. Do you get fun looks when you wear your bright colors on cold days?

  19. Your seafood feast looks delicious. What a great tradition. Sundays are family day here. LOVE IT

  20. Great way to start the new year.
    I am in Laura's group too.

  21. Love your shoes! Bright colors make any run better:)


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