Friday, January 9, 2015

Fun in ‘15… Waffle Egg-ffle

When we moved onto the sailboat in 2001, I gave up most of my small kitchen appliances, keeping only a small hand mixer on board... either giving away or leaving for the new owners, all of the other electric gadgets except the pasta maker.  It went into a box, along with some prized personal keepsakes that friends stored for us in their garage.

Now, all these years later, and after becoming landlubbers again a couple of years ago, I now have acquired a very few more electric appliances… a coffee maker, a crock pot, a new hand mixer, a kettle, a food processor, a can opener (don’t get me started!)… only things that we reallly need to function on a day in day out basis.

But, I have sorta been wanting a waffle iron… I miss waffles and even though I do not eat gluten, I have been thinking about trying to come up with some gluten free waffle options.  But I just couldn't justify getting one… and then, about a week or so ago, I ran across a Facebook post by Larissa Archer Dixon, blogger at Zero To Twenty Six Point Two, about making omelets in her waffle iron.  She called them egg-ffles, I think.  I followed that thread and was quite intrigued.

Actually, that conversation pushed my off the fence.  After several days of searching and looking at reviews online, I found a very inexpensive waffle iron at Great Canadian Superstore… it is their house brand and only cost $12.  I picked it up immediately.  For $12 if it was horrible or didn’t work, I could affort to ditch it, right?

2015-01-06 14.56.34

And I decided to try the omelets for dinner that night.  I couldn't find that original Facebook thread so I put out a call for help on Facebook to Larissa who answered me right way. I think she may have been a bit amused by all the fuss… but she told me how to prep my eggs and make the egg-fles and so we had omelets with chopped ham for dinner on Wednesday night.  Awesome!

2015-01-07 18.17.44

And then again for breakfast this morning… this time with chopped onions and mushrooms.

2015-01-09 09.26.31

2015-01-09 09.32.52

I know I still need to play with this all a bit to make them picture-worthy… but I couldn’t wait to share.  They are delicious and make eating eggs a bit more fun again…. I am all about FUN this year. 

So, thank you , Larissa for giving me the inspiration I needed to get me a waffle iron, and now I need to start experimenting with some ingredients to make some gluten free waffles… Hmmm… protein powder… sweet potatoes… PB2…??

If you have any ideas, I am open to suggestions!

Are you a waffle fan?

Do you use social media to ask for help and advice, too?


  1. Cool! I'm a waffle fan but haven't made them in ages. The kids were just asking for them too. I've definitely taken advice from social media....lots for cooking, some for swimming now too. It's awesome!

  2. These are so cool! I need to bust out my waffle maker again!

  3. What a great idea! Now I need a waffle maker!!!


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