Monday, January 26, 2015

Gigabody Review and Giveaway

I am an at-home exerciser.  Although I have had temporary month-long gym memberships from time to time, and enjoy the group exercise classes I attend during those times, I prefer working out at home.  It is so much more convenient for me.  And I do like the privacy and convenience as well.

I like to vary my workouts, too.  I have joined online boot camps, and I own a small library of workout DVDs.  I have used workalong videos produced by some of my fellow bloggers who are trainers and I have used plans I find in books.  I have also subscribed to online workout sites.  So, I was very happy to have been given the opportunity to try out Gigabody through my affiliation with Sweat Pink…  and even happier that I am able to offer a free one-month subscription to the service to one of you.

Gigabody Screen 5

Gigabody is an online subscription service that has over 90 different workouts in several different categories:
  • Cardio 
  • Strength & Sculpt 
  • Yoga 
  • Kickbox & Box 
  • Dance & Barre 
  • Flexibility 
  • Abs & Core 
At only $8.99 per month, I think it is a really good value. 

There are many ways to find a workout you might like to try.  You can search through them based on the length of time they take to perform, the category they fall into, the level of difficulty assigned, or by collections… based on style.  You can even look for a training plan that will give you a schedule of workouts based on your preferences.

If you hover your mouse over the name of a particular workout, a small screen pops up giving you some pertinent details about it… the length of time it takes, the equipment you will need, the level of difficulty, the instructor, and a brief description of the workout.

Gigabody Screen 3

Then, if you are interested, you can preview the workout, too. I love this feature because it gives you a feel for the pacing and kinds of movements performed in the workout and you can hear the instructor’s voice. That is important to me. I will not do a workout if I don’t care to watch or listen to the instructor leading it. You can also read other member’s reviews.

Gigabody Screen 1

And there are many different instructors leading the Gigabody workouts too.  Check out their bios if you like.

Gigabody Screen 2

After you have done a workout, you can leave a review of it for other users of the Gigabody site, and you can also mark it as a Favorite so you can easily find it again.

And once you have logged in and done a few of the workouts, your Home page shows the number of workouts you have done, the length of time you have worked out, and lists the workouts that you have recently viewed.

There is one other thing I really like about this site. It has a few short tutorial videos that demonstrate the correct way to perform some exercises. I have found this very helpful.  The Captain has started working out with me and this is a great way for me to introduce him to some of the moves he is not familiar with… I can show him the correct way, offered by a fitness professional, as opposed to demonstrating it for him myself... perhaps incorrectly.

Gigabody Screen 4

If you are interested in a free one-month subscription to Gigabody so you can try it out for yourself, please enter the giveaway below:

There is only one mandatory entry to get you into the draw… and then you can enter as many or as few of the other methods as you like in order to get additional entries. Use the Rafflecopter form for all entries and leave your required comment here.

The giveaway will run until Monday February 2nd, 2015  at 11:59 p.m. PST and I will announce a winner the next day and I will attempt to contact the winner by email and/or by Twitter.  Good luck to you.

What is your favorite workout style?

Have you ever used an online services such as this?


  1. I too really love the privacy of at home workouts!!! Sometimes I just want to be alone while I exercise and it becomes almost like a sweat filled meditation because I feel so at peace :)

  2. oooh you KNOW I AM A HOMEBODY for movement too!!! I need to explore this more.

  3. This seems like such a cool program. I like working out at home but get tired of my same old DVDs.

  4. I think it's a great choice for stay at home moms. Love the variety

  5. I do a mix of at home videos like Jillian Michaels, Melissa Bender, Shaun T's various videos etc, and I run lots. This looks interesting too.

  6. I like working out at home too. I had never heard of this site. Thanks for sharing I look forward to checking them out!

  7. I love that they have so many different workouts, and it's awesome that they break it down by difficulty + length of time! :]

    I'd want to try dance & barre! There are no studios within a 2-hour radius from me, so that'd be immensely helpful! :O

  8. I love boot camp and personal training sessions. This sounds really cool but boy do I miss when you could get this free on cable like 5 am in the morning. Looks like they have a good variety too.

  9. Very interesting...thanks for sharing!!

  10. This looks really cool for those days you just cant get to the gym.

  11. I liked the sculpt/strength , yoga

  12. There are SO many to pick from! I'd either go with one of the time saving workouts or no equipment workout.


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