Saturday, January 17, 2015

Keeping On…

So it wasn’t the best week fitness-wise… I didn’t do any strength training work at all, but did get in a lot of walking, and three runs.  That is a lot for me lately. My week revolved around my part time job with Weight Watchers, shopping, food prep and more food prep!  I am doing pretty well with my food plan too.

I have been actively participating in a January 21 Day Reset Challenge hosted by Laura from Mommy Run Fast.  Some of the exercises Laura has us doing is making me much more mindful of my eating patterns and hunger levels. It's all good.

I need to get back on the strength training wagon with a vengeance this next week. I really miss it when I don’t do it and I enjoy it so much.

Here are a few highlights from the week:

Jan 13 Cauliflower and Elevate Me 001

We found these beautiful fresh cauliflowers on sale for a great Winter-time price so picked up 4 of them. I made a batch of soup with one of them, a version of The Big Man’s World Easy Slow Cooker Vegetable Korma (without the almond meal) with another.  Little aside here… it is very hot so if you are not into spicy hot, then don’t use more than about 1/4 tsp red pepper flakes. I used only half of what his recipe calls for and it is burning hot!  But really tasty.   And today I am making two batches of my Low-Carb Flatbread with the last two heads. Love, love,LOVE cauliflowers and how versatile they are.

Jan 13 Cauliflower and Elevate Me 002\

A couple of weeks ago I won a giveaway hosted by Janelle at Wholly Healthy and a box of assorted Elevate Me bars arrived this week.  These are awesome and I am thrilled that they are made in Canada.

Jan 13 Manitoba Pro powder and smoothie 001

When we were in Las Vegas in November, we visited the Health and Fitness Expo associated with the Rock ‘n Roll Las Vegas race series. The Captain picked up several packets of Manitoba Harvest protein powders. YAY!  Another Canadian company. I happen to really like hemp protein powder… not his favorite as it turns out, so all the more for me.   I made up a tropical smoothie with this packet for my breakfast. It was lovely.  But as with all things that have hemp protein, it turned brown!

Jan 13 Manitoba Pro powder and smoothie 002

Never pretty, but very tasty all the same.

Pumpkin Waffles

I have been playing with my new waffle iron a lot this week and came up with this lovely Pumpkin Waffle this morning.  I let them cook a bit longer so they had some crunch to the edges. Pretty good, I would say.

I have been having lots of fun with the Sweat Pink #NoExcuses 2015 Challenge this week.  Lots of great pictures on Instagram and Facebook are showing up... join in if you are looking to have a bit of fitness/great eating fun!

Rumor has it there is a Fit Bit in my future… if you have one, or another activity/sleep tracker, I would love if if you would tell me about it!

Do you have a grain-free waffle recipe that you like?  Care to share?


  1. Your pumpkin waffles sound good! I've never made a grain-free waffle that has been remotely edible so I am no help.

  2. I love when I get to support local so YAY for you finding some great Canadian companies to try out and support. I think I have made grain free pumpkin waffles before but it has been a long time since I did. YUM

  3. I love strength training as well! I'm currently doing Ripped in 30 the Jillian Michaels dvd and it is killer! I've never made a grain-free waffle (or pancake) it'd be interesting!

  4. I've been more mindful of my eating too while reading her daily emails. I am not following the eating plan really but it is reminding me to pay more attention. Have a great week

  5. Great idea with the pumpkin waffles! I hope I have some homemade pumpkin puree left so I can try some this weekend. I should look into the #noexcuses too....I may need an extra boost of motivation after being sick so long.

  6. My week was the opposite, strength training and no runs, lol. I have a waffle recipe I'll post soon!

  7. I suck at weights - totally need to get back on that wagon.

    The waffle looks yummy - I've never made any waffles, much less grain free ones.

  8. I just bought some heads of cauliflower too. Plan to make some "rice" and to roast them. I LOVE roasted cauliflower.

  9. Those elevate bars look intriguing! I'd love to hear your thoughts! I have never cooked much with cauliflower. Do you have any recipes that you love?

  10. Oh a FitBit! I have a FItBit one that I really like to use along eith myfitnesspal to track my movement and eating. It's not 100% accurate but it's far better than my guestimates. It sounds like you had a great week Elle!

  11. We are waffle champs over here. Every Sunday!! No grain-free recipes though. I need to experiment more.

  12. We are waffle champs over here. Every Sunday!! No grain-free recipes though. I need to experiment more.

  13. I have a Fitbit Flex (got it on sale and tax free) and it's good. I find it motivates me to get my steps in on those days when I'm not working out/running etc. Though I do have some cons. If I were to get another one, I'd go for the Charge as it has a few extra functions and has the watch feature.

  14. I just made buffalo cauliflower this week. Delicious! Must have been cauliflower week ;)

  15. I would be interested in a grain free waffle recipe too, so post if you find a good one:) Great job getting in 3 runs!

  16. I have never cooked fresh cauliflower and I should give it a try. I might try buying and I would like to try a garlic cauliflower recipe I found.


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