Wednesday, July 6, 2011

At Last!

Ohhhhh.  I ate too many fresh cherries today.   My friend's trees are loaded and they are perfectly ripe... too delicious.

But I did have a wonderful morning!  I bought a running skirt... on sale for $5.  Couldn't believe my luck as I have been wanting one for so long and didn't want to shell out major $$ for it.  And of course I had to try it out.

I did a quick 1-mile run on the treadmill this afternoon.  Well, not really quick, but short! 

Tomorrow we are getting up early and heading back to the boat... about 5 hours driving and then a 2 hour ferry ride.  I am so looking forward to getting home and back to my own little nest.


  1. yum!!!! i love fresh cherries!! when I am home my grandmother and mom make fresh cherry cobbler and jam. so delicious!! so excited (and jealous) of your skirt find! that is a great deal! hope you have a safe trip back!

  2. What a great steal on a running skirt! I'd love to get one, but I'm still nervous to try them! Those cherries look delicious-can you believe I still haven't had any this summer?

  3. Picture! Picture! Of the running skirt!! Those cherries look fabulous!


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