Friday, July 8, 2011

One Lucky and Thankful Girl!

Today is a very exciting day for me... kinda feels like Christmas!
Recently I have not been sitting on horse shoes when it comes to electronics.... my cell phone gave up the ghost.... literally, the main screen died.  My digital camera won't take clear pictures if I use the zoom lens feature.  One of my laptops is developing white vertical lines... so today I got a new white Blackberry phone (yeah!) and a new Sony Cyber Shot point and shoot digital camera.  The Captain also wanted to pick up a new laptop, but I put the brakes on.  2 new devices is enough in one day, thank you very much, Santa Claus.

And when we got back to the boat, I found out that a book I won from a giveway Miss Zippy did in April, Running on Empty, has arrived.   And  I finally made a decision and ordered a blue Wrist  ID Elite, compliments of a giveaway I won a few weeks ago from Run From the Heart.  Thanks again to both of you for these wonderful gifts.  I am so looking forward to them.

The only exercise I got today was walking the malls, hunting fresh produce, and wagging my jaw!  I will do better tomorrow, I promise.


  1. awesome awesome! sounds like a fabulous day with some fabulous new fun things to play with and use :)

  2. awesome! I can't wait to hear what you think of the book (I have not read that one yet) and I am so glad you have a Road ID. :)


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