Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Slow Run vs Fast Walk / Warm Peanut & Sesame Noodles

This morning the weather channel predicted that it is going to start raining here tonight and not quit till sometime on Saturday!  Can this be true?

So, I insisted that we get out for a longish run after letting a quick breakfast of an egg on toast, with a few fresh strawberries, settle for an hour.  If it is going to rain for a few days, I might not want to go out.

heart rate monitor - √
water bottle/belt - √
running shoes - √
sunglasses - √

I suggested that we run the 8.5 km out-and-back route that I mapped for us last month, that goes to a neighboring marina.  I always like to run near the water when I can and am so happy to be back running at sea level.  I am calling this my long slow run for the week, so I was determined to take Sara's advice and keep my heart rate down in order to avoid taking any walk breaks.

The Captain tends to walk a bit when I am running slower and monitoring my heart rate.  Occasionally I think that I could actually walk faster than I am running.... so today I asked The Captain if he was walking faster than we normally do, and he said he was, which did surprise me.  I guess the difference between his walking and my running, was just that I was putting that little spring into my steps that allowed me to have both my feet off the ground at the same time... as opposed to his gait where he always had at least one food on the ground.

We ran all out the for the last 1 minute and finished the 8.5 km in 70 minutes.  Up until that sprint, I felt like I could run all day.  And that is what these longer slow runs are doing for me... giving me the confidence and staying power that I need to keep adding more distance to them.  So far so good.

stretch 4 minutes
pushups 20

The stretch was a bit short today but I felt like I had done enough and was anxious to get inside and get some calories into my tummy!  I made us each a 'smoothie' with some Almond Breeze, some plain yogurt, and a few strawberries, all whizzed with my immersion blender... after I drank that, I knew I would make it to lunch!

I am having fun playing with my new camera and took some pictures of our dinner tonight... Warm Peanut  & Sesame Noodles, with stir-fried veggies....

It was so good!  And I think it would be good cold, too.


  1. Great job on your run. There something about being able to run the whole distance without walking that gives us the confidence boost that we need. The fact that you felt like you could keep going when your run was over is always a good sign! That's awesome!!

    Dinner looks delish!!

  2. totally had to check out that recipe. that sounds yummy and looks delicious!

    I am really liking your new theory on your longer running. Last week I channeled the same idea because I was really low on confidence and just tried to start out slower so that I knew I would be able to finish the entire run...I felt SO much better at the end! Are you still liking your heart rate monitor? I would like to give mine a try but have been so anxious about it for some reason.

    Awesome run...hoping maybe the weather changes and it does not rain the ENTIRE next couple of days :)

  3. Great job on your run! I totally agree about long slow runs. They make me feel like I could run forever.

    That dinner looks so good I could lick my computer screen. Yummy!


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