Thursday, March 22, 2012

GNC 30 Day Women's Active Vitapak Review

For me, taking nutritional supplements is a form of insurance. I may or may not need them, but I do take them... just in case.  

I would like to think that I get everything I need from the food I eat, but I know that is unrealistic. I have done a lot of research about supplementing my diet, and I am conservative with the supplements and amounts I take.  I don’t megadose on any of them so I don't need to worry about causing toxic buildup of anything in my body.

I like to take my supplements at lunch time, and normally keep about a week's supply on the kitchen counter in a little box.  I am fairly good at remembering to take them, but if I am out for lunch, or in a hurry, they are forgotten or neglected.  If I travel, I fill a little box with everything I think I will need while I am away and do try to remember to take them.   

Recently I was given the opportunity to sample a popular GNC dietary supplement called Women’s ULTRA MEGA ACTIVE VITAPAK, through a FitFluential campaign. GNC calls them a "Performance program for active women" and they are formulated with that in mind.

March 22 GNC 001
The outside of the box lists all the details about each of the supplements inside. 

March 21 vitamins GNC 001
Inside the box you will find 30 foil and plastic packages of supplements...

March 22 GNC 002
 each Vitapak contains 5 tablets and 1 softgel. 

And you are instructed to take the contents of one Vitapak per day. 

So what you have is 30 days worth of:
  • Women's Mega Ultra Active (2 orange tablets)
    • A premium multiple vitamin and mineral formula for the high demands of physically active women. This scientifically designed formula features B-vitamins for carbohydrate metabolism and energy production and a Proprietary Performance Blend.
  • Women's Energy Enhancer (2 beige tablets)
    • A clinically proven thermogenic formula that helps to enhance metabolism, burn calories and boost energy levels.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) (1 softgel) 
    • A naturally occurring healthy fatty acid derived from safflower seeds. Each daily Vitapak supplies 1000 mg of CLA made from clinically studied Tonalin®, one of the highest quality conjugated linoleic acids available.
  • Calcium (1 white tablet)
    • Each caplet supplies 650 mg of bone-building calcium. 
The details of what is contained in each formulation are on the outside of the box.  And I would urge you to read it carefully.  The print is small and there is a lot of it, but I think it is important to know what you are taking.

I have been taking these supplements for a couple of weeks now and do find them convenient to use.  I keep them stored in a canister on the counter where they are closeby, but not seen.

These Vitapaks are convenient, no doubt about it, and if these are the only supplements you take, even better.  Just pour yourself a big glass of water, cut open the Vitapak, and swallow the contents.  Good way to get in some water too, cause these pills are BIG! 

I am still adding my regular Omega 3 supplement to this regimen.  So, I do think it would be great if an Omega 3 softgel was included in the Vitapak. That way it would be complete for me. 

I have been taking these supplements at noon, with my lunch, and at first I noticed I was getting quite a buzz afterward.... the first ingredient listed in the energy enhancers is black tea and these 2 tablets have the equivalent of 178.2 mg of caffeine in them.

That is too much for me to take all at once, so I started taking one of them with my breakfast to split it up.   And I have also cut back my morning coffee to a single cup, then have one energy enhancer with my breakfast about an hour later. That worked for me.

172.8 mg is more than what is found in one 16 oz. can of Jolt Energy or 2 Red Bulls .  If caffeine is an issue for you, then you will have to be careful with these energy enhancers.

The real beauty of these Vitapaks is their portability.  You can pop one in your purse or pocket to take to work or out for lunch, or stash it in your gym/yoga bag. If you don't have scissors or a nail clipper to cut the package you can just use your teeth to tear it!  A little slit in the edge of the foil wrapper would be a nice addition to the packaging.

GNC  does market other combinations  of Vitmamins/Minerals/Supplements in similar 30 Day Vitapaks so if this one isn't quite right for you, you might find another that is.  They also have them for men.

You can find more information about these Vitapaks at  GNC or GNC Canada, whichever is appropriate for you.

I was given this product to review at no cost to myself, and the opinons expressed are 100% my own.


    1. I love this idea :) great review!

    2. If you want to see if they work, look at all the people who refuse to take vitamins and those who exit the GNC store looking really good. Sometimes I get depressed and look down at my size 4 body at age 50 and wish I was a size 2. But when I realize I am maintaining a healthy good body at my age compared to those who insist that you don't need vitamins and are walking around severly obese and tired all the time, I know that I am doing something right.

    3. I have been taking the vitamin packs for almost a week now. Due to a heavy work schedule and being overweight, I was feeling extremely lethargic and having a hard time getting to the gym to work out each day. Two weeks ago, I cut out all sugar (soda and snacks) and began looking for ideas to help me begin a more healthy lifestyle. I visited my local GNC store after researching the web and speaking to my doctor to find out what my options were. The young man at the store was very helpful and directed me to the Active Packs.

      I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and appetite in a little under week. In addition to being more productive at work, I have been started what I hope will be a regular workout routine. Fantastic product!

      Thank you for the above review, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the product as I due tend to be a bit pessimistic when it comes to anything in a pill form. I also love the wine picture above as I manage a winery here in Virginia. Cheers!


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