Saturday, March 3, 2012

Week # 9 Done… and Time is Flying By

I cannot believe it is Saturday again already and we have completed 9 weeks of training toward our half marathon in May.  I have run 90.9 miles since the beginning of January.
Week #9 training

It was such a good week!

On Monday I was quite nervous about running 7 miles.  But it turned out really well and I finished very strong and elated!  I did have some cramping in both my feet after I finished stretching, but I managed to walk it off.

Then on Wednesday, we did the Leap Year Virtual Run that was hosted by Erica who writes Life As a Running Mom.  It was good timing as I had planned a 3 mile run for this day so doing Erica’s 2.9 mile run was an easy change.   I completed the distance in just under 33 minutes which is good for me.

Today we repeated the 7 mile route that we covered on Monday. I replaced the battery in the chest strap on my heart rate monitor so I could use it today and I planned to keep the pace at between 75% and 80% of max.  It was actually more like 83% to 85% for most of the way and that felt very comfortable so I didn’t worry about it. 

It was as high as 90% for a couple of minutes when we kicked it up to make  traffic light, and up to 96% during the last couple of blocks as I sprinted to the finish! I like to finish strong at the half, so I keep practising picking up my speed near the finish line each time we run. We completed the 7 miles in one minute less than we did on Monday.

And thanks to some wonderful advice I got this week from so many of you, I have increased my stretching time to 15 minutes after I run, and I am making sure to have a protein-based recovery snack within half an hour of finishing, and I am hydrating well.

Today I came VERY close to having an ice bath after I stretched… but I just couldn’t quite do it!  Perhaps when when the weather gets a bit warmer.

I do think, now that I have decided to get more serious about my strength training too, that stretching is going to be even more important for me.  So, instead of having a REST day on Sunday now, I will do a STRETCHING workout of some kind… maybe some standing yoga poses.  I am heading off to check some blogs to see what I can come up with.  And I plan to do a good CORE workout on Sundays too.

Just another thought… that chart I have displayed at the top of this post is from Daily Mile and I have no clue as to how they calculate the calorie burn… and I don’t care a whit about it so will likely be deleting it from now on.  Even if it is accurate, it only uses my runs and doesn’t reflect anything else I do…..

How do you track your workouts or your runs?

Do you care about the calorie burn numbers?

Almost forgot!  I am looking into foam rolling and have been eying up something called a Tiger Tail... if you use a foam roller, what do you recommend?

Coming back to this post to add a note... found out on March 10th that we hadn't really run the whole 7 mile route either time this week...  ran only 3.35 miles out so that makes the total 6.7 miles each time.  I editted Daily Mile posts, hand-written training log, February results.  Not a big deal but wanted to change these things for the sake of accuracy in my logs.


  1. Excellent job with all three runs this week! I'm anxious to see how the change in your strength training helps you. Hope you and The Captain are having a great weekend!

  2. I am loving this! look how far you've come since you first posted your half schedule :) YAY!!!! and great job on the virtual race!!!!! I'm excited 33 mins is a great time.

  3. you are rocking this training Elle, it is such a pleasure to read how far you and the Capt have come and where you are headed :)


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