Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week #10 in the Can - Stick-Style Rollers... Anyone?

Week #10 of our half marathon training is done!  I am getting so excited about my running. I am getting a bit faster, so much stronger and really feeling more confident overall.

Monday's run was our participation in The Spring Fever Virtual Race that Marissa is hosting.  The event is open till March 15th so check it out if you would like to get in on it. I was pretty happy with my run because I got a PR around this hilly neighborhood.

Wednesday we ran a 2-mile loop twice and I also PR'd that 4 miles.

And today, we did the same 7-mile route that we have run the past couple of Saturdays.  I felt like I ran a lot faster today and did work harder, according to my HRM, but the time was the same as the first time out.  I checked the route map on classic.mapmyrun and realized that we had not actually run the full 7 miles the first 2 times! 

The route is an out-and-back and instead of running 3.5 miles out, we really only went 3.35 miles.  So that means I have increased my speed so that I ran 6.7 miles and now the full 7 miles in the same amount of time.  Not significant, I suppose, but going in the right direction anyway. 

No wonder I felt that I had worked harder!  I really did.

I don't think that .6 miles is going to change our training significantly but I am going back to alter the records for these past 2 weeks in my hand-written log and on Daily Mile.

And I am really happy that I got in 3 good, hard strength workouts this week, lots and lots of stretching, some walking, yoga, and Pilates, too.  And I hesitate to guess how many gallons of water I drank!

This week I had my first epsom salts bath, after Saturday's long run.  My toes were sore after we ran and it felt great to soak in the hot silky water.  I do think that epsom salts enable healing and relaxation.  Perhaps next time I buy some, I will try a scented variety.

I am eating much more protein than I normally would. It has stopped my sugar cravings and I don't feel like I am 'hangry' all the time!  I have been adding protein powder to oats in the morning, making sure to use it in our after-run smoothies, using protein bars as snacks if I get caught out needing something to tide me over till the next meal, and also eating more lean meat and eggs/egg whites at meals.    Apparently I needed the extra fuel.

Next week is going to be a fall-back week and the timing is good.  I have a scan scheduled on Tuesday that requires me to have only clear liquids on Monday, so there will be no Monday run.  I should be able to get in all the other planned workouts though and I am really looking forward to them.

I am looking for a roller of some kind...  a 'foam' roller just doesn't appeal to me so I am looking at The Stick and The Tiger Tail... something of that nature.  If you have any advice I would love to have it. 

Tonight I will be putting my feet up, and relaxing with The Captain and some tv.


  1. I have a foam roller but I've been thinking of a stick for areas that are awkward to get to...they just seem kinda pricey for...well, a stick!

  2. You are doing so great with your training! I can't wait to see how your half marathon goes, you are going to ace it!

    If you get a stick or Tiger tail, i want to know how you like it. I have been thinking about replacing my foam roller with something better.

  3. Your week was great! I have been looking into rollers too. Keep us posted if you find one you like. Enjoy your relaxing evening:)

  4. I've only foamed rollered and I'm quite interested in the sticks. Please review your experience! & you are rocking the 1/2 training. So proud of you!

  5. Hmmm....good tip on the protein. I have increased the fresh fruit and veggies in my diet, almost totally cut out diet coke, and have been having intense sugar cravings. I think I will add some protein snacks to bring to work to see if that helps. :)

  6. look at you!!! you are doing so great and can't wait to hear about your first half accomplishment!!

    many of my friends prefer the foam rollers, but if you'd prefer the stick option, I'd contact them and see if they'd allow you to review and share with us, readers? you'd be surprised!

  7. Oh the sound of an epsom salt bath sounds SO good to me right now, stuck on nightshift. My feet always seem to be sore after a long run and that sounds like it'd be perfect :)

  8. Elle! You are an amazing woman - I loved reading this recap. LOOK HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME! AMAZING! I am so happy to read your posts and hear how you are doing - great job! I can't wait until you run the half, truly!! :)

  9. I've heard great things about The Stick. Looks like you had another great week of training!


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