Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

My running is going well. Thanks to taking and using some great advice that I recently received from lots of kind and generous runners who read this blog from time to time, I am progressing nicely with my half marathon training... my legs feel goooood... and my sugar cravings are gone!  Really.  Gone!

My speed has increased on my shorter runs which is making me a bit faster on my longer runs, too, and making them feel much easier.  I am taking it easy on my longer runs and finishing feeling good and with lots of energy to spare. 

I intend to continue with the training schedule that we set up, but do have one change to make mid-March... a medical test will make it necessary to do my long run mid-week again and probably miss one short run that week.  I don't think this well be a problem.

I would like to increase the intensity and amount of time I am spending weight training.  I think it would be nice to be more muscular in my upper body and not so 'scrawny' as my doctor calls it.  I do have long lean muscles and would like to see some bulk on them.  Is that possible while I am doing so much running?  We shall see.

March looks very promising... Spring has arrived... the days are getting longer and we have plans for some big changes this year.

It's smoothie time... off to make a protein shake with my new GNC  whey isolate Burst... it is Banana Berry Burst and I love the flavor!


  1. Banana berry burst does sound yummy! So glad to hear your running is going great and continuing to improve. I think you should be able to bulk up your scrawny arms while continuing with your running plan.

  2. Sounds like things are going well. I'm jealous that your sugar cravings are gone!

  3. I can't give you any tips, as I only ever ran when it was part of a soccer game. But I do think your determination and that smoothie are wonderful!

  4. So glad your running is going well! That smoothie sounds yummy. Today is my first day of no sweets and it's going good. I think I may have eaten way too much junk yesterday and made myself sick of it:)

  5. This is so awesome!! Congrats to you! :)

    I would LOVEEE that smoothie!

  6. mm, that protein flavor sounds good! I'm so boring, I like good 'ol vanilla! lol

    glad the running and workouts are going great. can't wait to hear about your half marathon's def a time you'll never forget!!!

  7. Can't wait to hear more about these exciting changes coming for you two this year. Hopefully March will be a great month for you with weight training AND running!


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