Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Sometimes I have way too many things going on to write a worthwhile blog post.  If I also had a real job, I would be out of my mind... or at least never sleep!

So, I have a few things bouncing around in my head today and just jotting them down, more for myself.... but feel free to comment on all or any. I love reading your comments and advice.

We visited the boat today.  So many changes at the marina and some we are not crazy about.  We just found out that divers are not allowed to work without another diver suited up and in the water with them, AND someone standing on the dock watching them.

We have been having a diver come to our slip and attaching new chunks of zinc to the propellor shaft twice a year to protect it from galvanic erosion and each visit has been about $110 for the diver's time and it takes him less than half an hour to do the job.

Now it would cost 3 times that much and so the local divers are getting out of the business .... grrrr.  For us that means we will have to haul the boat out of the water EVERY Spring and EVERY Fall and that is a $1500 bill at least, and a 2 or 3 day time suck, twice a year.  Thank you, Work Safe B.C.

I went for a nice long walk today and bought a 2kg (that is about 5 lb) bag of epsom salts.  Going to take Beth's advice and start adding it to my baths after my long runs on Saturdays.  I recall soaking my feet in epsom salts baths as a kid but I thought it was for infections.  Glad to learn that it aids muscle recovery and am looking forward to trying it.

I just won a $200 gift certificate in a Twitter contest to Titika Active Wear.  It is a Canadian company that has beautiful yoga, athletic, and weekend wear.  I have a couple of things picked out and just going to make some final decisions.  Will be showing it off when it arrives, for sure.  Pretty excited!

I picked up some Mike and Ike's candy for The Captain while I was out today. He had never seen it and heard it mentioned by a broadcaster on CNN so when I saw it in the store, I jumped at the chance to get some cause I knew he would like it... he loves gummy candy! And yes, he did eat the whole box.

I am going to do a nice long stretch while I watch Big Bang Theory on tv tonight.  I cannot just sit and watch tv and I think stretching will be better for me than snacking!  Thanks to all of you who keep telling me to stretch more. It is sooo good for me and I do love how it feels.

I have a turkey carcass in my crock pot today and am making homemade turkey broth.  LOVE using it in my soups.  Tomorrow is stock up day at my favorite local freggie market so there will be homemade soup coming up!

I am hungry... just realized it's past dinner time. 

What is your favorite tv show?

Do you make soups?  Any recipes to share?


  1. Sorry about the boat issue. What a pain! I just heard about epsom salts too and I am going to try it. I'm always excited to hear about new ways to help my muscles feel better:) So cool about your gift card win! Can't wait to see what you pick out.

  2. 1. I'm a diver, I'll come suit up while you get your repairs done. Ha ha. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way.

    2. Awesome about the contest! So exciting!

    3. Epsom salts feel sooooo good after a long run - I buy these funny, old-school eucalyptus scented ones and I just love them.

  3. Wow--how cool is that Twtter win?! Have fun spending it.

    I love soups--just made my favorite the other day--white bean and spinach.

  4. Can't wait to see your new Tikita outfits!

    I'm so sorry about the boat issues. That sounds a bit ridiculous to me.

  5. The diver safety is a bit overboard....but that is just my two cents as a Divemaster trained taking divers into an exhibit with sharks. One diver in, one diver out and in that case, the divers were responsible for the safety of four other divers.

    Love that you won and can't wait to see the goodies!

    I am already dreaming of an Epsom salt bath.

    Love soups but don't really have a recipe per se. I always am tossing in pureed veggies of whatever I find in fridge. Quite scientific, huh?

  6. Colin loves big bang....I just want penny's boobs ;) lol

    That sucks about the divers and the boat. My late father owned his own yatch rebuilding company and I spent a lot of my teenage summers at marinas helping sand teak, pull wires and cables and know my fair share of knots b/c of it ;)

    epsom salts are amazing!!!!

  7. First of all, thank you so much for the check in - I will be responding soon :)

    Second of all, lucky lady!! Have fun with that giftcard!

    I just bought some epsom salts and they should get here tomorrow, so I can work my on muscle recovery too :)

  8. We watch the Big Bang Theory too! We actually don't watch that much TV, though. I like to watch cooking shows on Saturdays when I am home.

    My favorite soup to make is my mom's Chicken Noodle. It is very simple, but SO good. I just made it for my dad a couple of weekends ago and he said it tasted just like Mom's so that made me really happy. :) And, then sad. :( I can't believe it will almost be one year since she passed. Wow, I don't know what made me think of that either. Maybe it was the soup!

    I need to start stretching majorly. I always forget how good it feels and then I stop doing it. Doing it in front of the TV is a great idea - I'm going to start doing that!


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