Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Rest Day and a Giveaway Winner

I had a great sleep and my legs are feeling fresh and ready to go this morning... although today is officially a rest day, I plan a nice long stretch, some yoga, and some Pilates, too.

Yesterday, through a Facebook post on Run to the Finish I found  Yoga for Runners and plan to give some of the stretches a try.  I am not very flexible or limber at all anymore and really need this kind of workout.

So, on to my giveaway winner of an e-book copy of The Fit Executive...

I wrote the names of everyone who entered, on pieces of paper and put them into a bowl.

Then The Captain mixed them up....

And drew the winner...

It's KYRIA who writes Travel Spot.  I love to read Kyria's posts and I bet you do, too!  Kyria, I will contact you today, and I will also forward your email address to Franklin, the author of The Fit Executive, and he will contact you directly to let you know how to get your e-copy of his book. 

Thanks so much, everyone who entered.


  1. Congrats Kyria! Enjoy your day Elle. I woke to snow this morning! Can you believe it?!

  2. Oooooo I enjoyed that yoga video! The only yoga I've done before is on the Wii but I'm going to give this routine a try - will have to pause the video a million times to try to follow it though. Let us know how you find the routine!

  3. Woo Hoo! Thanks and I can't wait to get reading!


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