Saturday, May 19, 2012

Getting My Groove Back

It has been a week now since I ran my half marathon.

The people we have been house and kitty sitting for since the middle of December are supposed to be home sometime tomorrow, Sunday.  So, this past week there really has been no rest.

We have been moving things into the apartment every day, and organizing.  We have been shopping and also doing a fair bit of yard work at the house... sweeping, raking, weeding... and I have been up and down the stairs a hundred times while cleaning the house and moving our things to the car.

But other than some planks, and pushups, there hasn't been any working out or formal exericise.  That changes tomorrow!

I am feeling a bit at loose ends just now, with being in transition, not only coming off the major run, but in our living arrangement too.  I need a new focus and have a long list of things I want to do over the summer, activity-wise and nothing has been organized as yet.

But starting with Sunday, I am planning at least one exercise session each day this week, to get back into the groove of doing something every day.  And then once we get settled a bit more, I can take it another step further.

I am committing to doing my own Strength Workout at least 2 times, and also to doing Samantha's Belly Blaster Circuit at least 2 times as well.

Belly Blaster Circuit
If you are looking for a good core workout, check it out.  I have been working on the suicide planks and they are killer!

Any special plans for the week?  Would love to hear all about what you are up to.


  1. I love finding new core workouts, thanks for sharing. Good luck moving and have fun getting your groove back :) music always helps with that

  2. That was a bad week to have to move! Although at least it kept you moving whilst you recovered. I'm pretty rubbish at doing workouts by myself - sometimes I do the odd Wii Fit exercise but that's it. The short body conditioning class after ballet is the one time I do crunches and stuff.

    How is the apartment? :)

  3. Great plan! You are so busy. It will feel so great for you to get into your apartment and settle down:) Almost ready to leave for the Beat the Bridge this morning. No special plans this week:)

  4. Non formal exercise is sometimes the best! Enjoy the move.

  5. I want in on that challenge! and I never know what to do with myself after a big race. I guess sign up for another one ;)

  6. That sounds like fun! I sometimes love not having to run, just because it DOES give me an opportunity to try some new things, so that later, when I am back into running, I will have options for my cross training days!

  7. That sounds like a really great workout! Hope you guys get settled into a new routine soon!


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