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Thanks @TommieCopper - Compression Shorts Review/Giveaway

I have been in love with Tommie Copper products for some time now.  I was introduced to this wonderful company and their innovative copper-infused compression garments last Fall when I won a calf sleeve and a ladies tee in a Twitter contest.

That tee helped get me through the recovery after some eye surgery where I had to keep my face down and parallel to the floor for 20 hours out of 24, for 3 very long days.  I wore my Tommie Copper tee and it helped stave off back and shoulder soreness.  If you want to read that review, it is here.  Since then I have worn it running on cooler days and also after upper body workouts to help soothe my sore muscles.

And I have worn my calf sleeve many many times to help ward off muscular cramping and also to help recover from long runs while I was training for my first half marathon.  I have edema in my left leg occasionally and the calf sleeve is a wonderful compression garment that helps support my legs.

The Captain is a big fan of Tommie Copper compression gear as well.  He has a tee which he has worn for every run since he got it, and he also wears a Tommie Copper beanie when he heads outdoors in cold weather.  We reviewed them on this post.

Occasionally I suffer from pain in the outer socket of my left hip when I run.  It doesn't happen all the time, and there doesn't seem to be any apparent cause for it.  At first I thought that it happened because I let my stride get too long when I was trying to run faster or when I was getting tired.  But then I started using the Chi Running Technique and have shortened my stride considerably and I still occasionally get that hip pain. 

It comes without warning, and when it strikes it is miserable.  And nothing I do while I am running helps.  The only way to stop it is to quit running.  If I take a walk break it stops, but starts up if Ibegin to  run again.  It is no fun and impossible to ignore.  It doesn't seem to be delibilitating, just painful.  I can keep running, it just hurts... a lot.

And it doesn't seem to happen at any particular distance either.

During my half marathon training, I had hip pain when I did a five mile run, and then not again for several weeks.  No pain at 8 miles, 9 miles 10 miles, or even 11 miles... and then severe pain again at the 5 mile point during an 8 mile run. 

That particular day, after I got out of my epsom salts soak in the tub, I was really wishing I had some Tommie Copper compression shorts to wiggle into... and Someone was smiling on me because they arrived in the mail the next day... along with a new pair of olive green calf sleeves.  Hallelujah!  I was thrilled and so grateful to Jordan at Tommie Copper yet one more time.

I took the shorts out of the package and put them on immediately... and I wore them for most of the next 2 weeks leading up to my half marathon.  I handwashed them, let them air dry, and then put them back on... over and over and over again.

I wore them during the day under jeans and under tights; I wore them to sleep in.  And I wore them while I ran.  They fit so well and are so soft and so comfortable, that I never felt like I just had to take them off... anything but.

I did not wear them to run my half marathon... but you better believe I was wearing them when I finally crawled into bed that night.  During my 13.1 mile run, I never experienced any hip pain, not for a second.  I did end up with leg cramps from dehydration and salt depletion, but not a lick of hip pain or cramping in my quads or hamstrings.  And that race finish was extremely difficult for me.  But I was so thankful to be pain-free for the entire time I was running.

I am a true believer of the healing properties of these Tommie Copper compression garments.  I can certainly attest to the theraupeutic benefits they provide.

Here is what the company has to say about their compression shorts:

Main Image

Tommie Copper compression shorts are ergonomically designed to relieve pain and enhance comfort in the lower torso and upper thighs. Tommie Copper’s Therapeutic Copper Compression provides unmatched comfort and wearability while providing the ultimate in therapeutic pain relief.
  • Highly wickable fabric keeps skin dry
  • Stimulates blood flow, decreases inflammation and increases mobility
  • Gentle effective compression allows for 24 hour use, even while asleep
  • Comfortably and discreetly wear under pant or dress
  • Machine washable. Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets as it masks the copper
  • Sold individually
Featuring Therapeutic Copper Compression.

I love my Tommie Copper compression shorts.

They fit me like they were made for me....

They are soft and snug so comfortable.  And the copper infused fabric makes me feel warm and comforted.   They are not restrictive at all and they don't ride up or chafe.  These seams are very well constructed and lay flat - no irritation or bulk anywhere.

Would you like a pair too?

To help celebrate my birthday on Thursday, May 24th,
Tommie Copper is offering one of my readers a pair of women's or men's compression shorts, your choice.

Here is what you need to do to be entered to win:

FOLLOW Tommie Copper on Twitter


LIKE Tommie Copper on Facebook

Leave me a comment here saying that you have done both of these things and which pair of shorts you would choose if you win, women's or men's.  Make sure you leave me your email address as well.

That takes care of the mandatory entry. 

Then, if you like, you can get 2 more entries.

For 2 bonus entries:
Tweet about this giveaway and link to this blog post, making sure to mention @TommieCopper and @eatrunsail in the tweet. 

So there, you have it... 3 possible entries.  Don't miss out on this wonderful chance to try a pair of these Tommie Copper compression shorts for yourself!  So worth taking few minutes to fulfill the giveaway entry requirements.

I will verify every entry before I select a winner on the evening of Wednesday, May 30th.  I will attempt to contact the winner by email so make sure you leave me an email address in your comment.  If I cannot easily find an email address, I will have to select another winner.

I was provided with a pair of women's compression shorts in order to produce this review, but the opinion expressed is 100% my own. 

Are you already a Tommie Copper fan? I would love to hear your experiences with this wonderful company and their products.


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