Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running For Fun Again

On Sunday morning we went for our first run post-half marathon... two weeks to the day after it.

I planned a short route around the perimeter of the park across the street from our apartment... 3.61 km to be exact.  Short enough to enoy and have some fun, yet long enough to get out and stretch the legs.

I took Kyria's advice and we kept it slow and fun... chatting all the way and enjoying the flowers and all the different birds and ducks and geese, and the other people who were out, also enjoying the beautiful sunny morning.  Part of the route was on a bark path and part was on asphalt. 

It took 29 minutes so you know it was slow, but it was wonderful to be running again and I am looking forward to getting out just for fun for the next few months, at least.

W1 R29 @12/1 W5
stretch 10 minutes

I am also REALLY enjoying working with this new 10 lb. Reebok kettlebell.  I had always thought I would not really care for kettlebell work because any time I saw it (which was on the Biggest Loser now that I really think about it) they were swinging that thing up over their heads.  It looked like you could really hurt yourself if you don't do it properly, and also put it through the ceiling if you swing it too high!

But since I have been doing the workout on the accompanying DVD, I have had my eyes opened much wider and I have been looking for more and different routines... I found quite a humorous workout on You Tube that I think I may share with you later in the week.

And just to encourage me a little more, I just won a sweet little kettlebell necklace from Wym who is writing a new blog called Crossfit Super Mom, along with A Taller Order.  I can hardly wait to get it!

Are you into Crossfit?  Is it only for the youngsters?

Have you ever tried a kettlebell workout?

I just know you will love them as much as I do so I urge you to follow the link and enter.  Do it!


  1. Nice work! I also am enjoying the fun side of running. Hmm, kettlebells, eh?

  2. I am glad you had a good run! Sometimes when we are training, we forget that it's FUN to go outside and run around (like a kid!) So easing back into it is a great idea. Also, I am curious to hear about your funny YouTube video. I haven't tried the kettleball yet, but would like to hear how it goes for you!

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying the kettlebell! I really need to use mine more than I do. I love it but just don't use it as much as I should. I need to add that to my summer workout list!

    There's nothing better than a fun run coming off a big race in my opinion. You can almost feel your legs wanting to "race" or other days a mile seems to be all they have after I've pushed them really hard for a race. Enjoy all of your new running paths!

  4. we used to use kettlebells in college for our softball team workouts. i always thought they were the craziest things. but now everyone seems to be so into them so im thinking about giving them another shot;) so glad you enjoyed a peaceful and perfect run post half-marathon!

  5. Doesn't it feel good to just run for fun and not be worried about pace or distance or keeping track with a plan? I loved that so much last fall and winter. I felt like I just couldn't be in love with running any more than I was.

    Congrats on the fun win from Wym!

  6. Running for fun is the greatest reminder of how amazing our bodies can be. Great job getting out there!

  7. I love kettlebells! You should get the Jillian DVD, because Jillian is amazing :)

    Yah for fun runs, sometimes it is nice to just let go and run for you!


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