Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday Morning Swiftsure Start

On Saturday morning we walked about a kilometer and a half, through the park to Clover Point where Swiftsure 2012 was set to get underway at 10 a.m.

It was such a warm and beautiful morning… just right to sit outdoors and enjoy a hearty pancake breakast.  But unfortunately, not the desired start to a sailing race!  It was much too calm and the first of the 4 races was delayed by about 20 minutes… waiting for the wind to freshen a bit. 

We could hear mumblings of driftsure and slowsure in the crowd.

There were 4 races in all, of varying lengths… the main race is the longest and takes the yachts out into the Pacific and back… total length about 257 km and it can take 24 hours easily.  They race through the night, in whatever weather and water conditions Mother Nature decides to throw at them.

I took several pictures and put a little movie together if you want to have a look at the start.

Swiftsure start 2012

By early afternoon the wind had picked up considerably and the racers were sure to have had some excitement!  Can’t wait to watch the local news to see how it all finished up.

What are you doing this weekend?

Have you even been sailing?


  1. Never been sailing.

    I'm sure the wind made things pretty interesting!

  2. Sounds glorious. After my pancake breakfast (yes, really), I spent Saturday watching aeroplanes for a family get-together. I do sail dinghies, but rarely find time :)

  3. looks great Elle - my grandfather and father were avid sailors, as you know so it's kind of cool seeing events like this now, as both of them have passed. I myself don't like sailing - too much work - give my a motor ;) or a canoe

  4. what a relaxing and fun way to spend your Saturday! i have never been sailing...i hope to try it some day. i have rarely found an outdoor activity that I don't enjoy:) Happy Memorial Day Elle!

  5. Never been sailing either! Most of the weekend was a mix of workouts & hubby time! And the Miller Lite Carb day at the Indy 500!

  6. The only sailing we have done was on a sailboat from St. Thomas, VI to St. John, VI. It was an interesting experience, very choppy but so beautiful as the Caribbean always is.

    We had family over yesterday, grilled out and played games. So much fun! Outfitting our newly fixed up deck space too so I'm really excited about that.


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