Monday, June 24, 2013

Best Body Boot Camp…. Zen?

I woke up early this morning…. 5:38 a.m. to be exact.  And I got out of bed to visit the washroom, opened the balcony door a bit…  noticed that my street was enveloped in fog and went back to bed, hoping for another hour’s sleep.

But it was not to be because the great blue herons that are nesting in the trees in the park across the street started screeching just as I laid my head back down, and it went on and on so at about ten past 6 o’clock  I gave in and got up. (You won’t be surprised to learn the birds quieted down about then, too.)

But I didn’t mind, really.  I was well-rested and eager to start the day.  I knew that after my morning lime-water and Epicor, and a few sips of coffee, I would be tackling another round of strength training.

Best Body Boot Camp don’t ya know?


I am going into each session of my strength workouts in kind of a Zen mode. 

I am not rushing through them… just to get done and on with my day.  I am relaxed, and focused on the muscles doing each movement, really feeling the peak contraction and the exertion taking place.  I am kind of enjoying the fatigue and embracing the difficulty of the last few reps of each set.  And I am making sure to do the proper rest between supersets, and to take all the time I need for a good stretch afterwards. 

I am even enjoying how tired my muscles feel a few hours later.  I know that they will repair, grow, and get stronger.  It is the reward for the work.  I almost feel a bit smug about it…. not Zen at all, I know.

Best Body Boot Camp just fits me. 

Each of the strength workouts takes me about half an hour to perform… give or take 5 or 10 minutes either way.  It is enough to make me feel like I have had a really intense, and challenging workout… but not too much so that I have no energy left for the rest of my day. 

And I know that I can modify each move to suit me if I need.  For example: I cannot do Decline Pushups from the Stability Ball when I am alone.  I am not confident enough in my ability to hold the ball steady, so I either have The Captain spot me, or I do the pushups with my feet on the couch, or I do them on the floor.  Any which way, they are still a challenge… just ask my shoulders!

What is your mindset when you start your workouts?

Are you eager to get them done or do you really enjoy them?


  1. I love BBB too. It got me started consistently on strength.

  2. I need to continue to my schedule for planks and tri-dips and push-ups. I'm noticing a difference as I'm sure you are with Best Body! Upper body strength is something I continually work on:)

  3. OH man, when I start a work out I just want to CRY!! But the second I am done, Oh man, I AM ON FIREEEEE! :)

  4. That's a great mindset to have during a workout. It takes me a little while to get settled but once I do then I get "in the zone" so to speak and tune everything else out focusing on each movement/exercise.


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