Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Smiles… a bit of Softsoap

How did it get to be Saturday already? 

This week seems to have flown past me…

I did get in some workouts and a run… and am planning a run in an hour or so after my lunch settles a bit more. 

I am very excited to be starting the next round of Best Body Boot Camp on Monday… have been reviewing the first week’s strength workouts to make sure that I know what to be prepared for.  I am so glad that I got to review the Core Ball from Empower Fitness recently because I can see that Tina is using a stability ball in several of the exercises.  I have used it a few times otherwise, too, and am feeling a bit more sure of myself on it.

I don’t fall off of it nearly as often as I did at first!

Apr 23 Core Ball 001

Here are some other things I am smiling about right now…

There are strawberries coming on the little plants on the balcony container garden…

June 15 garden 001

and herbs too.

June 15 garden 002

I have been reading some really interesting books.

June 15 Stuff 002

And really enjoying soaking in the tub!  I was the lucky winner of a Softsoap giveaway a while back from Suzi at Confessions of a Fitness Instructor and received  a huge bin full of bath products… 9 different body washes, and I can hardly wait to see my sister again so I can share some with her. 

June 15 Stuff 001

I have been eating some great meals… today for lunch I made Chicken Fried ‘Cauliflower’ Rice, with mushrooms, snow peas, onions, garlic, and a bit of Mann’s Rainbow Slaw… awesome.

June 15 lunch cauli rice 001

And I am so in love with the living across the street from a 165-acre park that has no fences.  I t has been so much fun watching the various groups of ducklings getter bigger and braver…

June 8 walk 003

And having the beach so close….

June 8 walk 014

What is making you smile today?


  1. Wow that cauliflower rice looks awesome! I have a massive head of cauliflower in the fridge just begging to be used. My strawberry plants are going gangbusters too!

  2. I ran in place at home for 15 miles. I wanted 20 this week but won't complain. Darling daughter is in good spirits even though the poor girl has double pink eye. But what makes me the happiest is that it is the weekend, the sun is shining, I am with a wonderful girl, the goats are back across the street, and I am one lucky lady! Enjoy the Softsoap!

  3. wow, love seeing the ducks. What a great environment.

  4. Awwww. I love ducks. They are one of the only animals that stay cute even as adults! I am loving the weather lately, the long days, doing some great long trail runs and making some new running friends!


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