Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Run, Shake, ALT

We got out for a 5 km run late this morning… I really wanted to run today but once we actually got out there and moving, I didn’t want to actually DO it…. has that ever happened to you?

As soon as we got going I told The Captain it was going to be a pokey run, and to just take it easy – I didn’t dare tell him I didn’t want to run because he would have jumped on the chance to not do it and quit – I just kept plodding along, hoping it would get easier… but it never did.

But when it was all done, it was not the slowest 5km I have ever run by a long shot… it was a fairly respectable 35 minutes.

When we got home I decided I deserved an ‘after run’ protein treat for my perseverance.
I made a smoothie for The Captain and I grabbed a chocolate Premier Protein drink out of the fridge for  me. I won them a  few weeks ago and hadn’t tried one yet.  I have been having some whey protein powder again lately and decided it would be a good time to try one of these drinks. 

premier protein shake

I love the N.I. on this label….. 30g protein, 3g fat and only 5g carbs, 3 of which are fibre.  And it was a really good chocolate flavor, too.

Later, after lunch, The Captain checked the mail box, and found a nice little package for me from LARABAR.  I was quite excited to open it and look what I found!

June 12 ALT bar 001

A nice little cloth bag stuffed with one each of their 4 new ALT bars.  These flavors sound awesome:  Cinnamon Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Pie, Peanut Butter Cookie, Lemon Pound Cake.  Yummers.

And you know that because they come from LARABAR that the ingredients are Vegan, and Gluten-free, Dairy-Free and non-GMO.  And this is especially nice for me because they are not currently available in Canada.

There are 10g of protein in each of these bars and it comes from PEAS… So different and I am excited to try them out.  Probably a good thing I had just eaten a good solid lunch when I opened this parcel!  But I am going to be sharing one with The Captain later …

Have you tried either of these things yet?

What do you like to have for a protein boost after you run?


  1. Those bars look yummy!

    I admit - if I have protein, it's either a handful of almonds or a glass of chocolate milk. I tend not to plan what to eat after a run...

  2. I'm digging the ALT bars A LOT. protein sans dairy makes my tummy happy!

  3. It is so much fun getting stuff in the mail! I love Larabars, but I haven't tried their Alt bars yet. Can't wait to try them.

  4. Peanut Butter Cookie! YUM!!

    Glad you stuck it out with the run. Glad you have to keep up your motivation to keep the Captain going.


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