Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Bits, Bites and Handfuls

I woke up this morning, eager to get the day started.

While I kept an eye on the women’s final match of the French Open, I started baking!  I made a dozen Bacon and Egg Muffins and then a batch of Sweet Potato Applesauce Bites.

I love my new little mini muffin tin…these little bites really are just bite size and perfect for an after workout snack or when I just need a bit of something. I am trying not to eat so many nuts and hope having something like this made up will help!  But, yes, darn it, they are even more delicious with a bit of almond butter on top… what isn’t?

June 8 Sweet Potato Applesauce Bites 003

Then we had breakfast and waited a full hour before getting into our running gear and heading outside.

I have not been running much at all lately.  And I am paying for it when I do.  On Monday we did a 5k to get in our 5 by the 5th run, and even though I thought I stretched well afterward, I had really dead legs all afternoon and a few cramps during the night.

The Captain thinks it was because 5k was too far after not having run for almost a month… so today, I decided to only do a loop around the park which maps out to 3.4 k.  And after, I stretched for a full 10 minutes and will get in a nice walk after lunch, to keep my muscles loose and engaged… perhaps another stretch too, before an epsom salts soak in the tub.

I also plan to spend the evening in my Tommie Copper compression tights!

Not running sucks.  And it is my own fault. I have been concentrating so much on my strength/resistance training and have let the running go.  Not a good idea I know now, unless I decide to give it up altogether, and I am not even contemplating that!

So, balance, as in all things… something I have just never been good at. 

Okay, moving right along…..

You all  know that I love me some Handful.
But do you do know that Handful is moving their production to the U.S.A. ?  You can score a great deal on some product and help move their financial goals along, too.  Check it out at this web site link and place an order, or even just make a pledge.


I got a new Tommie Copper tee yesterday… I won it in a giveaway a couple of months ago and it just arrived. Love love the color!

from the TC web site

Okay, it’s off to make some lunch… how is your Saturday shaping up?


  1. Ah yes, conditioning slips away fast doesn't it? I'm not running nearly as much as I should be for my half in a couple of weeks. Sigh.

  2. I love that handful is coming to the USA - we need more of that!!!

    OK, I do my running & strength training BUT I don't do boot camp so.. :) I have to keep my cardio along with weights to stay where I am at.. even in my younger days, always had to do cardio more than others.. we are all different bods. :)

    Those sweet potato apple bites look delish!

  3. You can't just post those photos without links to recipes! I am desperate for easy things to take for breakfast as I'm starting to run so much in the morning. Both look perfect! Can you please post recipes?

  4. Those bacon and egg bites sound delish!

  5. I have done posts about both of these recipes on my food blog...

    The Egg White Bites are here

    and the Bacon and Egg Muffins are here

    This batch of Bacon and Egg Muffins made good use of pre-cooked Kirkland bacon crumbles from Costco!

    Hope you enjoy them.

  6. Love the Tommie Copper top. Great color.

    I'm with you on the balance. It's so hard for everything. Including keeping a healthy balance of healthy stuff.

  7. Those bites look so delicious! I'm totally going to try them! I'm horrible for always reaching to nuts when I need a quick snack...


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