Thursday, June 27, 2013

Friday Faves and Raves

It’s Friday!

  Where did the week go?

Let's see.  I did my Boot Camp workouts.  I ran.  I walked. I worked.  I shopped for a ton of groceries.  I checked on my family in flooded out Calgary and sent a nice card off to my MIL.   I read blog posts and commented on dozens of them, and kept in touch with my friends on Facebook, Twitter, by email and Weight Watchers forum.  I entered giveaways, hosted giveaways, and also won a couple of giveaways…. fun.

I baked cookies…   Bacon Chocolate Chip…. awesome!  Thanks to Gina for these.  I think they are the best cookies EVER.  The Captain thinks they are okay but still hasn't figured out the SECRET ingredient.

June 25 bacon cookies 004

I watched a turtle in the park across the street digging a hole and laying eggs… and shed a few tears I must admit as I was overcome with emotion at her devoted efforts.


I ate some great breakfasts, thanks to The Captain taking over k.p. duty a couple of times.  

June 27 breakfast 001

And I have been reading an incredible book that I wish I had found half a lifetime ago…. but I guess everything appears in it’s own time and when you are ready for it.

June 25 Primal Blueprint 001

I have also become a Starbuck’s fan… this is a huge surprise to me. I have always loved coffee and tea but have never really been a ‘going out for coffee’ kind of person.  But lately… meet me at Starbucks…. I am even learning the lingo.  

I watched kite gliding above the beach…

June 8 walk 011

I listened to the laughter of groups of children in the park… these ones all wearing matching hats.

June 14 kids in park 002

And I found some early strawberries coming in my container garden on the balcony…

June 15 garden 001

It has been a great week!

What was your favorite thing this week?


  1. Sounds like a great week! Oh Starbucks, how I love thee. :)

    Earlier in the week we had absolutely gorgeous weather. I took the kids to the beach and just chilled. And now it's been raining for three days. Boo!

  2. It does sound like you had a nice week. Lately I have found that the weeks really fly by. Oh my, bacon in cookies :-). Sounds good

  3. That's it's FRIDAY :)

    Bacon chocolate chip..interesting!

  4. oh goodness everything looks so delightful! I would just sit on the beach all day long and watch! I also love the kids with the hats on, just something that can make so many smile!

  5. I baked those same cookies and blogged about them today, too! :) SO good!

  6. yeahh for little moments!! hmm my fav right now is my run this morning, ha!! I hope it's soon the lunch I'm headed to where I hope to meet more people!

  7. Is there actual bacon in the cookie? I shouldn't be surprised after seeing a bacon wrapped ear of corn on a magazine cover at the grocery store. So not a bacon fan and wouldn't be even if I ate meat.

    I'm a long time meet me at Starbucks kind of person :)

  8. Sounds like you had a great week. We too had beautiful weather in the east coast. Looking forward to many more awesome days this summer. Bacon chocolate chip cookies, oh my! I may have to try these.
    Happy Canada Day weekend!

  9. What a great week!!!!! I love the kite & the laughter one the most - life! :)

    Thursday I got 5 for $5 at whole foods from their deli - all healthy & yum!!!! Monday - the best shipment of bread ever from Silver Hills Bakery - post coming when I taste them all! :)

  10. I'm loving how sweet and savoury foods (like bacon) are meeting up nowadays. Consider those cookies pinned!

  11. Yummy breakfast! We're on the road, and I've been craving my standard breakfasts! Also adorable kids on hats and turtle.

    My favorite thing this week is that my hubby is on vacation with us. He usually has to stay behind an work.

  12. I think I love Starbucks too much, if possible! Ha!

    Great week for you! Love the turtle laying eggs...very cool! And the kids in the park...always something so neat about hearing their laughter! I miss that part of being a PE teacher!

  13. I just book marked that cookie recipe to make after I move. That looks amazing!! And I know what you mean about Starbucks. I didn't used to like their coffee, but eventually it won me over!

  14. I love your tiny strawberries! I didn't know that you could grow those in such a small container. This year I have huge zucchinis, green beans, tomatoes and hopefully beets and cucumbers (they are not doing so well yet). I am looking forward to much garden deliciousness!


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