Saturday, November 23, 2013

Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle Review

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to receive an advance copy of Tom Venuto's new book, Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, and I jumped at the chance.  This new book is a print version of Tom’s popular ebook, with the addition of a lot of new material.  If you are already a fan of the ebook, you will not want to miss this update and expansion.

Nov 16 my great week 003

I first became aware of Tom Venuto earlier this Fall when I began working out, virtually, with a group led by Kammie who writes Sensual Appeal Blog.  She had us following one of his strength programs and I began working out with the group 3 times per week.  I loved the program and started to see some results. 

Then I came across one of Tom’s books, The Body Fat Solution, in the library. 

Sept 29 TV book 001

The virtual workout group disbanded and I started a slightly different strength training program that I found in this book and have been working it 3 times per week. I have just completed my 8th week. 

When Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle arrived in my mailbox, I was delighted.  I have been spending a great deal of time, reading every word, from cover to cover.  And I have learned so much.  

Tom talks about the 4 elements of what he calls the L.E.A. N. plan of action:
  1. mental training
  2. nutrition
  3. cardio
  4. weight training
And he explains why the are all so important, and how they work together.  It is a fascinating read and I have already put some of his ideas into use and am seeing some really exciting results.  The book is written in plain language, and the information flows so smoothly that it is very easy to understand.  There is no scientific jargon here, and nothing that will make your eyes glaze over!  It is interesting and  it is practical.  It is just as relevant to women as it is to men.

In Tom’s own words…

There is a mission behind this book. My public mission is "to help millions of people get leaner, stronger, fitter and healthier." My deeper, more personal vision is to help bring resistance training and the "bodybuilding lifestyle" to a place worthy of mainstream respectability, the way the early physical culturists (like Jack Lalanne) intended it to be: not only to get a great looking body, but also for health, strength,fitness and personal growth.

This is not a weight loss book, per se. My message is not so much about dieting down, it's about building up people in all these positive ways.  My mission is to bring this message to everyone who needs it, but especially two of the places where it's most needed:

One, in the mainstream diet world, where weight loss means "eat less, starve, and deprive yourself," while strength training and body composition are usually not even on the radar.

And two, to the 40-something and-SO-something crowd and even the baby boomers, who are transitioning into their golden years, but their strength, muscle, health, quality of life and independence are starting to deteriorate.

I know that this is a book I am going to keep referring to over and over as my fitness progresses and well into my own golden years.  I intend to not only get older, but keep getting better!

The official launch of this book takes place on December 10, 2013 and you can pre-order at by using this link.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan! I look forward to reading your updates.

  2. Coming from a bodybuilding background Ive loved tom for ages....

  3. Both of those books sound really interesting!

  4. I cam across Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle a few years ago online when it was sold as an eBook. I must give this book lots of credit for the knowledge that I now have about losing fat and building muscle.

  5. It is one of best fitness books of all time. I love Tom's style of writing and he is full of knowledge about fat loss and muscle building.


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